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Teaser--Tainted by Christie Rich!

With the editing nearly complete and formatting right around the corner, I thought it was time to share a teaser with you!

Monday, December 30, 2013

New Release--Soul of Asimina by Kristi Strong!

The third book in the Land of Kaldalangra series has arrived!
Cover by Once Upon a Time covers
Sabina de Nespa has known a life of freedom and peace, thanks to the actions of her heroic parents. As a child of royalty, she has kept her intentions pure and her heart guarded, always aware that the crown of the realm may one day rest upon her brow.

When two strangers stumble across her path, she finds her peace shattered as dangerous family secrets begin to emerge, along with a malignant force that threatens to destroy her entire world. These men have the ability to help her rise to brilliant heights, or cause a devastating plunge into darkness.

It is now up to Sabina to continue her parents’ legacy of honor, courage, and strength through adversity. With the fate of Kaldalangra upon her shoulders, she has vowed to follow the path of righteousness, or die trying.

Where to find Soul of Asimina?




~ * ~ * ~

Do you want to know how the story began? Then be sure to get your copy of the first two books in the Land of Kaldalangra series, The Lady of Steinbrekka and Heart of Kylassame. As a bonus, each of these e-books is available for Nook and Kindle users for only 99 cents until January 1st, 2014!

Also, be sure to check out the give-away currently being hosted by Strong Novels, a free Kindle of Nook copy of all 3 books in the Kaldalangra series! But don't delay, the contest ends with 2013, and entries will close on January 1st.

~ * ~ * ~

Rhea Aralia lived an uneventful life in Virginia, until the fateful night of her kidnapping. Taken to a strange realm of destruction, despair, and mysterious people with dark secrets, the young woman must learn a new way of life to survive.With the help of her new companions, Rhea discovers the courage to defy the tyrant King Verikhan and his heir, the cleverness to deceive the court, and the power within herself to transform this world of darkness into one of beauty and hope.

Will Rhea triumph over those who seek her destruction, or will she be forever lost in the darkness known as Kaldalangra?

Kindle    Nook

Nyssa has taken her place as Queen of the realm, with her secret love, Sebast, now openly at her side. She rules with a fair hand, striving for justice and prosperity for all of her people.
Rowan and Rhea travel the realm, spreading peace and healing wherever they go. In Kylassame, they have formed a strong bond with friends and spread deep roots in the community.
The people of Kaldalangra are joyful, and life in their world is better than ever before.
But a string of tragedies has the ability to bring Rhea to her knees, and with her, the entire realm. While Rowan struggles to recover the village of Kylassame from a devastating crime, Rhea’s faith in her own strength weakens, with dire consequences.
Re-enter the world of Kaldalangra, and join the adventure as Rhea and Rowan endeavor to continue upon their chosen destiny


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From Where I Stand--Poetry by Robert Zimmerman!


From Robert Zimmermann comes From Where I Stand, an emotional debut poetry collection. Zimmermann explores strained parental relationships, loss of life, and the despair associated with grief. Alongside these darker themes, he delves into the small areas of life that often go unnoticed but become the hope we are searching for.
From Where I Stand is the winner of the Blogger Book Fair Reader's Choice Award, in the poetry category (Winter 2013)

Purchase links:

Ebook: Amazon | Smashwords | B&N | iBooks | Kobo
Print: Createspace | Amazon | B&N

Now for a heart-wrenching excerpt:
Childhood Fantasy

When I was a child,
I was a general
commanding plastic soldiers.
We fought for years
saving the world from
the wicked.

As a teenager,
I was a rock star
playing my guitar
on stage with Hendrix.
We were lost in the sounds.

Years ago, I had a father.
I could call him my dad,
but I don’t.

My past
doesn’t seem real now.

Author Bio:

Robert is a writer. Most of the time his thoughts will grace the pages in the form of poetry, but occasionally some short pieces of fiction will show their faces. His work mainly touches on experiences that shape who he is today and are emotionally engaging but easily accessible to those not familiar with much poetry.
When Robert isn’t writing for himself, he’s writing to help others. In his blog, A Life Among The Pages, Robert posts numerous book reviews, interviews, and other book related posts to help out fellow writers in any way he can.
How qualified is Robert for all of this? Well, he holds an A.A. in Humanities and a B.A. in Creative Writing. Basically it boils down to him having a lot of downtime living at home. At least he has a cute puppy to keep him company while he’s busily at work writing his first collection of poems.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Persephone Daughters of Zeus by Kaitlin Bevis!

There are worse things than death, worse people too.

The "talk" was bad enough, but how many teens get told that they're a goddess? When her mom tells her, Persephone is sure her mother has lost her mind. It isn't until Boreas, the god of winter, tries to abduct her that she realizes her mother was telling the truth. Hades rescues her, and in order to safely bring Persephone to the Underworld he marks her as his bride. But Boreas will stop at nothing to get Persephone. Despite her growing feelings for Hades, Persephone wants to return to the living realm. Persephone must find a way to defeat Boreas and reclaim her life.

*** Also available anywhere else ebooks are sold

        The branch crashed in front of me, scraping my legs. I ran for the parking lot as fast as I could. The frost closed in, surrounding me. I’d never been claustrophobic, but as the frost cut off my escape path with a solid white wall, I panicked.
          Fog rolled in, like cold death, cutting off my view of the park. It curled around me, brushing against my face, arms, and legs. I turned back to the tree and ran faster, my dress tangling between my legs as the fog and icy wind blew against my skin.
          The parking lot is the other way! my mind screamed. The other way was cut off by a mountain of ice. I felt as if I was being herded. By ice?
          I slipped on the icy ground, falling face first into the frost. Ice crept up my toes and along my legs. I thrashed and screamed. I felt the fog becoming a solid mass above me, pinning me to the ground. The ice piled around me. Am I going to be buried alive?
          I dug my nails into the frigid snow in front of me and tried to claw my way out of the frosted death trap. I was so panicked I didn’t feel it when my nails broke against the impenetrable wall of ice, leaving red crescents of blood welling up on sensitive skin. An hysterical sob worked its way out of my throat as I gouged red lines into the ice. The ice was above my knees, snaking its way up my thighs. I shivered.
          Shivering’s good, I reminded myself. It means your body hasn’t given up…yet. The cold was painful, like a thousand little knives pricking my skin. A violent tremor went up my spine, sending waves of pain through me.
          “Help me!” I screamed, knowing it was futile. I was going to die here.
          Except I couldn’t die. Could I? Mom said I was immortal, but was that all-inclusive? Did I have a weakness? Was snow my Kryptonite? If I got hurt, would I heal or would I be trapped in an injured body in pain forever?
          I suddenly didn’t know if immortality was a good thing or a bad thing. The cold hurt. I was kicking, screaming, and clawing my way out of the frost, but for every inch I gained a mountain piled around me. I thought I heard a man’s laughter on the wind, the sound somehow colder than the ice freezing me into place.
          The ground before my outstretched hand trembled. The shaking increased. The earth lurched beneath me. The surface cracked and the sound was so loud that for a moment all I could hear was high-pitched ringing in my ears. The ground split into an impossibly deep crevice. My voice went hoarse from screaming as I peered into the endless abyss, trapped and unable to move away from the vertigo-inducing edge.

Persephone Myth:

        In the original Persephone myth, Kore, the goddess of Spring, was a beautiful goddess and would have had many suiters had her mother, Demeter, goddess of agriculture, not kept her hidden away from the other gods. One day Kore went to a meadow to pick narcissus flowers, lilacs, poppies, or some other flower depending on the source with some nymphs when Hades, God of the Underworld spotted her and decided he wanted her for his wife. He burst through the earth (in some versions, Gaia, goddess of Earth assists him) in his creepy black chariot of death, and dragged Kore into the Underworld. After her rape/marriage, Kore became known as Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld.
        Demeter, goddess of Agriculture and Persephone’s mother, searched frantically for her daughter, neglecting her duties as a goddess and plunging the earth into famine. Helios, god of the sun, or in some versions Persephone’s nymph friends, tell Demeter what happened and Demeter begged Zeus to rescue their daughter.
        At first Zeus told Demeter she should be pleased to have such a high ranking son-in-law, but eventually he relented since too many people were starving to worship him properly, and sent Hermes to liberate Persephone so long as she had not consumed food or drink in he Underworld.
        Meanwhile, Persephone was tricked into eating 3-7(depending on the version) pomegranate seeds by the god Ascalapus, Hades’ gardener. Ascalapus got turned into a screech owl in retribution for his crime, and Persephone was forced to return to the Underworld for a month every year for each seed she ate. While she is home with her mother, plants grow, but during her time in the Underworld every year they die. This myth is considered an explanation for winter.
Why did her name change?
        Changing a gods name to reflect a change in their divine role was not uncommon. In Persephone’s case she doesn’t even get a name until she’s important. Kore translated to girl, or maiden.
Persephone has a variety of other names and titles within her cult the Eleusinian Mysteries.
Why a pomegranate?
        The pomegranate is known as the fruit of the dead as well as a symbol for fertility, and thanks to the little crown on the top of a pomegranate is a symbol of royalty. So it’s easy to see why it was chosen as symbol in the Persephone myth. You’ve got royalty for the new Queen of Spring/fertility of the dead. When you cut it open is naturally divided into three to six sections depending on the fruit. It is full of tiny little seeds covered in a blood red juice.
        While the Persephone myth is the most well known example of using a Pomegranate for symbolism, way back when, this weird little fruit found its way into a variety of stories across cultures.
Why does it matter what flower Persephone was picking?
        The flower chosen in the myth kind of sets the tone for the whole story. The narcissus flower for instance is commonly seen as a phallic symbol, and a symbol of unrequited love, and as a portent for death, so you’ve got some foreshadowing, and loss of innocence going there. Other flowers symbolize different things that the story teller may be trying to get across.
What did I change?
        I tried to stay true to the spirit of the original myth in my version of the story. Several of the key elements remained, but framed differently. My version is set in modern day. Persephone believes she’s a normal, somewhat sheltered, girl. She discovers she’s a goddess after catching the attention of a sadistic deity named Boreas, the God of Winter (winter winds, technically). Hades rescues her by taking her to the Underworld.
        The idea that Hades may not have been the bad guy has been toyed with in popular culture throughout my entire life (Beauty and the Beast anyone?) so it’s logical, and certainly not original, to consider that Hades may have just been misunderstood. Choosing Boreas as the antagonist made sense because there is a very similar story in Greek mythology involving Boreas abducting a Greek princess. In my mind, it fit really well. Boreas is a repeat offender, AND he’s strongest during the winter. It made complete sense for Persephone to have to hide during those months.
        I made other changes as well, the Underworld is a pretty nice place, and Persephone is free to come and go as she pleases. Orpheus is a rock star. Small things to add layers to a world where many of the myths we know so well haven’t happened yet.
Why rewrite the Persephone myth?

        That myth has never really vanished or fallen out of fashion. It resonates with us for some reason. If you studied any mythology at all in school, you learned the Persephone myth. I think part of it is, if you take the myth at face value, it’s unspeakable. We want to fix this poor girl’s fate. Another draw is that the Persephone myth seems incomplete. In other myths you get a bit of characterization for the key players. Zeus’s personality and wants and needs come across crystal clear in every single myth he’s a part of. But Hades and Persephone both are ambiguous in this myth. We learn a lot about Demeter, and her devotion as a mother, but not so much about Persephone. I wanted to know what happened down there. So I wrote my own version.

Kaitlin Bevis spent her childhood curled up with a book, and a pen. If the ending didn't agree with her, she rewrote it. She's always wanted to be a writer, and spent high school and college learning everything she could so that one day she could achieve that goal. She graduated college with my BFA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing, and is pursuing her masters at the University of Georgia.
Her young adult series "Daughters of Zeus" is available wherever ebooks are sold. She also writes for truuconfessions.com and Athens Parent Magazine.

Email: kaitlinbevis@gmail.com
Twitter: @kaitlinbevis
ARE: http://www.allromanceebooks.com/storeSearch.html
promocave: http://promocave.com/kaitlinbevis/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Kbevis1

Persephone: 07/06/12
ISBN 13: 978-1-61937-243-6
203 Pages
58,876 words

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To My Readers: Elemental Update!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are gearing up to enjoy time with your loved ones this holiday season! I've been working hard to get Tainted (Netherworld Book II) finished and ready for my January release . . . keeping my fingers crossed it will all work out, lol.

For those of you wondering about the state of my Elemental series, I wanted to let you know what my plans are for the world and the characters. Since finishing Elemental Enmity, I've had plans to expand the world and the focus of the Elemental world. The story is by no means over. I loved telling Elemental Enmity from Rayla's point of view. I loved being in her head and experiencing her life along with her.

As I've thought about how to move the story forward, a few things have become clear to me: First, I can't go forward with just Rayla's point of view. You would miss too much of the story if I did. And second, there are so many characters involved, I'm probably going to be writing the new series in third person. I'm not a lover of third person narrative, but this story is demanding it. I'll have to jump all over the place, which would get crazy if I switched narrators throughout.

Rayla's story gave us a window's view into this complex world of the Order and the Fae. Going forward, we will have a full open door into the world, the characters, and I hope this will be a pleasant change for all of you. I've only just started the first installment of the new series, so it will be summer before I'll complete it.

The new series is called Elemental Legacy. I haven't picked out a name for the first installment, but I have already started the first stages of the cover design. I'm so excited for this one, and I hope you all are too! Thank you so much for stopping by and for caring about this world as much as I do! You are all so wonderful, and I appreciate you so very much!

Happy Holidays. I hope you get some reading in. For me, it will be editing and writing, lol.

Much love,


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What I've learned as a Self Published Writer--Developmental Editors by Christie Rich!

Good Morning Everyone,

My writing journey has been one of the best experiences of my life. It hasn't been easy. Most great experiences aren't, but what amazes me is how much I've learned in such a short time. As some of you may know, I haven't always written. I started a few years ago because I had a story that wouldn't let me go. I wrote the words in blur of ignorant bliss. Once I completed my first draft, I thought I was done. I had to decide if I wanted to pursue publishing the story, so I set out to learn the "rules" for being a writer, how to get published, and pretty much anything I could find on how to write the dreaded "query letter".

Many things have changed since I typed those first words. I've completed six books! Whoopa! I've decided, at least for now, self publishing works for me. Why? Many reasons, but most of all because I am a control freak when it comes to my books. I don't want to give someone else the right to tell me I have to change the story to fit his or her idea of what the book should be. If I did, it would no longer be my book. Even the slightest change can sidetrack a story. I have first hand experience with this concept.

In my eagerness to "learn" the rules of writing, I hired an editor. She was a developmental editor, who gave me her opinions about my manuscript. I learned so many things from the experience. The first: I will never hire another developmental editor. Why? Her influence led me to rewrite the entire story. While I appreciate her insights and do think my Elemental Enmity series ended up a much deeper tale, I have learned enough about my writing to not want that much feedback again.

A developmental editor is a good idea when you know you want to write, but you aren't confident in your writing abilities. These editors break down every sentence, explain why a concept might not work, and give you ideas to improve your story. If this is the stage you are in as a writer, then a developmental editor will probably be just what you're looking for.

I value the experience I had with my editor because she helped me to see I was skimming the surface of the story. By rewriting, I changed the entire story, not just the words. Each choice a character makes leads to a destination which requires another choice.

In my first draft, Zach and Luke were featured, but in a completely different way. Rayla had a different life and outcome in that version, which was all based on her choices and the level of story I allowed into the manuscript. I had a vision of what the story "should be" when I started writing Rayla's adventure. I think the end product would have been good had I continued with the original plot, but it would have been much less organic, much less entertaining, at least to me, lol.

I learned a valuable lesson by hiring my developmental editor. I learned words and choices can change an entire story, and so can input from outside sources. We all want input when we write. It's natural. But there is a dark side to listening to someone else's ideas. The story can become theirs before you know it. When I scrapped the first draft of Rayla's tale, I realized just how much I had overlooked. There was an entire world I hadn't identified.

I'm pleased with the outcome, but I could have easily lost control and ended up with something that didn't resonate with me. I hired a different editor for the second draft, partly because I couldn't afford to hire the previous editor for an entire re-write, but mostly because I had become comfortable with the story and my writing. I hired a copy editor, who fixed my grammatical mistakes. We all need someone to go over our words to make sure our intent is clear. It's not wise to slap up a first draft and call it done. It's not :)

So my advice to any of you who want to hire a developmental editor: understand that you will likely question your story and your writing when the edit is complete. Understand you will pay a lot more for this type of edit than a copy edit. And understand that the person editing your work is only one person. The opinions expressed are only that. It's your job as the story owner to take or leave the advice.

When I started my writing journey, I had so many questions. I'm going to be doing some articles to explain what worked and didn't work for me. I hope it's helpful! I'd love to know what experiences you've had with developmental editors, and anything writing related that has helped you progress. Comments and questions are always welcome.

Much love,


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Cover Reveal--The Deep End of the Sea by Heather Lyons!

Deep End Of The Sea - Front CoverWe are extremely excited to be able to share with you the cover for Heather Lyons' THE DEEP END OF THE SEA!! The cover alone is giving us chills! You can buy THE DEEP END OF THE SEA February 13, 2014!!     About THE DEEP END OF THE SEA:   What if all the legends you’ve learned were wrong? Brutally attacked by one god and unfairly cursed by another she faithfully served, Medusa has spent the last two thousand years living out her punishment on an enchanted isle in the Aegean Sea. A far cry from the monster legends depict, she’s spent her time educating herself, gardening, and desperately trying to frighten away adventure seekers who occasionally end up, much to her dismay, as statues when they manage to catch her off guard. As time marches on without her, Medusa wishes for nothing more than to be given a second chance at a life stolen away at far too young an age. But then comes a day when Hermes, one of the few friends she still has and the only deity she trusts, petitions the rest of the gods and goddesses to reverse the curse. Thus begins a journey toward healing and redemption, of reclaiming a life after tragedy, and of just how powerful friendship and love can be—because sometimes, you have to sink in the deep end of the sea before you can rise back up again.   Deep End of the Sea - Full Cover
Author Photo  About Heather Lyons: Heather Lyons has always had a thing for words—She’s been writing stories since she was a kid. In addition to writing, she’s also been an archaeologist and a teacher. Heather is a rabid music fan, as evidenced by her (mostly) music-centric blog, and she’s married to an even larger music snob. They’re happily raising three kids who are mini music fiends who love to read and be read to.     Links: Website: http://www.heatherlyons.net Author Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/heatherlyons THE DEEP END OF THE SEA Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18844839-the-deep-end-of-the-sea?ac=1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/hymheather Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heatherlyonsbooks?fref=ts  DEE

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Books-to-Movies Celebration--Daughters of Saraquael Trilogy by Raine Thomas!

Books-to-Movies Celebration: Raine Thomas’ Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy on Sale!

The big news is out: Raine Thomas’ bestselling YA fantasy romance trilogy, The Daughters of Saraqael, has been optioned by Back Fence Productions to be made into movies! Heading the project is multiple award-winning writer and producer, Chase Chenowith, whose film credits include working with Anthony Hopkins, Naomi Watts, Alec Baldwin, Dan Ackroyd, Christopher Walken, Brenda Blethyn, Alfred Molina and James Denton, among others. His films have won 11 Best Picture Awards and 29 total awards.
The books follow eighteen-year-old sisters, Amber, Olivia, and Skye, as they discover the truth about their origins and fight to save a race of beings they never knew existed. Filled with action, adventure, love and intrigue, the stories will translate wonderfully to the big screen.
To celebrate the big news, Raine is having a sale and hosting a giveaway! Here’s what you could win:
~ Three signed paperbacks of the Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy
~ Three bracelets inspired by the books
~ $10 Amazon gift card
That’s right! There will be a seventh book in the Estilorian series coming out in 2014, so now’s the time to get caught up on these popular stories. To get you started, Raine is offering the first book in the series, Becoming , for just 99 cents until 12/27. Or you can pick up the entire trilogy for just $4.99 during that time, a two-dollar savings!
Buy Becoming on Amazon ~ Buy Becoming on Barnes and Noble
Buy the DofS Trilogy on Amazon ~ Buy the DofS on Barnes and Noble
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Cover Reveal and Sneak Peek--Tainted (Netherworld Book II) by Christie Rich!

The good news: Tainted is one step closer to being finished. It's in the final stages before formatting. Yay!
Are you ready to see the beautiful cover Amber McNemar came up with this time? I just love it!

How about an excerpt?

Blackness swirls around me. No light exists, yet I’m aware of the varying degrees of darkness. The air singes my nose with putrid scents speaking of decay and death. All around me, moans pierce my senses. Disembodied voices cry out for help . . . others in ecstasy.
I curl in on myself to cover my nose sure I’ve been transported to hell. The damned take shape before me as my mind sees what my eyes cannot. Bodies litter the ground, only inches from where I crouch. I pull in a gasp, only to gag on the stench.
Up ahead sits a man on a throne settled high above us. His beauty can only be described as grotesque. Deep black hair cascades over his shoulders, sleek and alluring. His eyes, dark as ebony should be soulless, but rich emotion pours off him as he takes in his subjects, who creep toward him in a slow moving wave.
One man, I think it’s a man, beats the others to the throne. He raises an arm toward the king of this world, moaning. So much need in one tiny sound.
Lightning fast, the king touches the tip of the man’s outstretched finger. His subject groans in an odd acknowledgement of pleasure that makes my stomach lurch. I gag, and the sound ricochets through the space.
The king snaps up, searching the darkness until his gaze rests on me. Defiant, I stand, staring at this abomination.
In a matter of seconds, the man at his feet screams in agony, writhing on the floor, only to be tossed aside by another soul who lurches up, outstretching her hand toward the king.
He ignores her, and she wails in a piercing cry, making me cringe. Others join in. The king moves from the throne to descend the steps. I recoil away from him. Step by agonizing step, I retreat.
While all these people beg and plead for his attention, I cannot get away fast enough. I take another step back, crunching something under my boot. What was that? Even though I shouldn’t look away from the king, I glance behind me. A gasp slips out of me when I recognize the thing under my foot as a hand. The person, who should be screaming in pain, merely stares at me in what looks like wonder. Something sparks in the eyes. Recognition?
I shift my weight to escape, but only manage to step on someone else. Tissue gives and squishes, yet they make no noise.
The king smiles, brilliant white teeth flashing in the darkness. He stops his trek toward me, but sweeps his arm my way. His heavenly voice sends a shockwave of raw desire through me, yet his words set my insides quaking. “Behold . . . your new queen.”

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Teaser! Beneath Manhattan Skies by Emma Meade!

A few weeks ago I brought you this fab cover for Emma Mead's Beneath Manhattan Skies. Today, Emma has given us a little teaser into this world. Love Emma's writing and can't wait to read this one!

Beneath Manhattan Skies by Emma Meade
November in New York is cold but full of possibility for college freshman Erin Harris. When her twin brother, Nick, shows up on her doorstep for a surprise visit, Erin is delighted. Unfortunately, Nick’s arrival coincides with the discovery of a body outside her apartment building, a body drained of blood. Right away, Nick assumes vampires are involved. He’s not exactly their biggest fan since Erin dated one in high school.

Juggling nosy roommates, a first date with a gorgeous guy from college and a brother on a Van Helsing kick is enough to keep any nineteen year old girl busy – And then Erin’s old flame walks back into her life.

Is Erin destined to be caught up in supernatural shenanigans, or will she choose a different path?

(45,000 word novella)

Calm down, a soothing inner voice advised. Could be wishful thinking and nothing more. She wanted so desperately to see James, she was inventing vampire activity where there likely was none. Maybe the girl had simply suffered the hickey from hell. No. Erin’s gut told her she’d got it right the first time.
            Max led the girl away. Lucky for him, in his cozy world, his friend was simply drunk, and vampires didn't exist. Erin trailed them until they left the roof. At least the girl was alright. Nothing an iron tablet wouldn't fix.
            “Erin, you okay?” Sadie peered closer. “You look like you've seen a ghost.”

Author Bio
Emma Meade lives in rainy Ireland. She loves vampires, slayers, witches, ghosts, aliens & shadow men (or at least the youngest of the Shadow Men), and regular people who live extraordinary lives (think Slayerettes and you’re on the right track). Books, DVDS & TV show boxsets take up lots of space in her home, and she collects all the Point Horror books she can get her hands on. Writing supernatural stories and watching marathon re-runs of Buffy are some of her favourite ways of escaping reality.

Connect with Emma on:
Twitter     Facebook     Blog      Goodreads      Amazon Author Page   Website

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Happy Thanks Giving--Free Book Anyone?

In honor of my thanks to all of you, I offer you my latest book for free. Just go to Smashwords to use this coupon. Feel free to share with those you are thankful for, as well. The coupon will expire on Saturday. Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you enjoy your family and friends today. There will be time for reading tomorrow, lol.

Coupon: QB44H

Here's the link:


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Cover Reveal--Broken Pieces by Dawn Pendleton!

Today we share a cover reveal for author Dawn Pendleton's third and final book in her BROKEN series, Broken Pieces.

Also, the second book in the series, Broken Dreams has a new look! Check it out below! Make sure to leave a comment with your thoughts on the new covers.

It’s been a rough year for Gabby Peterman. Her best friend’s dad died six months ago, her other best friend has leukemia and isn’t doing well, and her marriage? After three years, it’s more of a joke than a relationships. Despite all the odds, she’s managed to stay strong for the people around her, supporting them through all their trials. But when death strikes again and one of her closest friends disappears, Gabby loses it.

On the verge of a mental breakdown himself, Wolfe Landon will do anything to win Gabby over. But first, he’s going to prove to her just how much he cares and loves her, because losing her will rip out his heart and soul.

Release Date: December 24, 2013

Broken Dreams has a NEW cover!

Rainey Daniels has been keeping a secret since she left her hometown, three years ago. The death of a friend’s father, though, has her questioning whether or not running away from her past is what’s best for her future. Add sexy Chris Baker in the mix and she’s even more unsure. After all, life is short.

Baker is an all-around good guy with a great sense of humor struggling to keep his new bar afloat. And he always thought Rainey was hot, even when she carried a few extra pounds in high school. Hell, he thinks she’s too skinny now. He knows she’s hiding something, too, but when he pushes the issue, she pushes him away. He tries not to care; she only wants a summer fling, right? But when her life is threatened, he realizes he may just be in love with her… and then he learns her secret.

Can they find love together before it’s too late?

Currently on sale for $.99!

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Book Blast and Cover Re-launch--Forest of Whispers by Jennifer Murgia

Forest of Whispers Blurb: Raised by an old fortune-teller within the dark veil of the Bavarian Black Forest, Rune has learned two valuable lessons: only take from the forest that which you can use, and never, never look anyone in the eye in the village. For something terrible happened in the forest long ago... and now, the whispers of a long-dead mother with a vengeful secret have come haunting.

Forced to flee all she has ever known, Rune soon learns of a legacy she is bound to--one that is drenched in fear, witchcraft and murder--a birthright that stretches beyond the grave to the trees where Rune is no longer safe.

Jennifer Murgia
Young Adult Fiction – Historical Fantasy
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Release Date: September 9, 2014
ISBN10: 9781937053  -  ISBN13: 9781937053567
Cover Designer: Lisa Amowitz
Formats: Trade Paper, e-book

Jennifer's Bio: Jennifer Murgia has been writing since she was nine years old. After receiving recognition for her poetry, she went on to use her talents to bring characters to life in fiction novels that are authentic, intriguing, and personal. She currently resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and two children.

Jennifer's Links:
Website: http://jennifermurgia.com/home/

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cover Reveal--Shadow of the Sun by David James

This is the end.
And this time, no heart is safe.

A stunning read for fans of Laini Taylor’s Days of Blood & Starlight and Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Boys, Shadow of the Sun is the lyrical sequel to Light of the Moon and the epic conclusion to the Legend of the Dreamer series that will enrapture you.

"Destined for love, Calum and Kate will do anything to be together. With Kate trapped by a curse in Ashfall, Calum must find a way to save her before she is lost to dark magic. Before she is lost to him and the truth of their love is gone forever. Even if it means sacrificing himself, Calum will choose to keep Kate safe. 

A Warrior for the Order, Zack prides himself on being stoic and strong. As a Warrior, he never cries and never hurts. He does not love. But underneath Zack’s Warrior heart, love beats true. And when he finds someone who will finally catch him, Zack finds himself choosing to fall even if true love kills him. 

Though the heart never lies, everyone has a little darkness in them, and soon shadows begin to rise against the light. As deadly magic consumes their world, love may not be enough to save them all. Because even though sometimes being brave just means falling in love, one choice can destroy everything. This time, no heart is safe."

The end begins on 1.28.14.

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Start at the beginning and get Light of the Moon, the first book in this epic series, today!

Check out The Witch's Curse, the stunning and romantic novella that reveals Kate's history.

Zack is fearless, but he wasn't always. Read The Warrior's Code and learn more about his past.

All two novellas, The Witch's Curse and The Warrior's Code, are included in the Shades of the Stars anthology, along with an exclusive short story about the fire enchanter Lily. This enchanting anthology also features essays, playlists, deleted scenes, and an author interview.

David James writes books about stars and kisses and curses. He is the author of the YA novel, Light of the Moon, the first book in the Legend of the Dreamer duet, as well as the companion novellas, The Witch's Curse and The Warrior's Code. A Legend of the Dreamer anthology, Shades of the Stars, was released July 2013, and includes the exclusive novella, The Enchanter's Fire. The final book in the duet, Shadow of the Sun, will be released in January of 2014. Living in Michigan, he is addicted to coffee, gummy things, and sarcastic comments. David enjoys bad movies, goofy moments, and shivery nights. 

Be brave. 

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Release Day Blitz--TTYL (Stories about Melissa Series) by Bethany Lopez

Isn't this the cutest cover?

Title: TTYL (Stories About Melissa #4)
Series: Stories About Melissa
Author: Bethany Lopez
Summary: The last few months have been a rough road for Melissa. Her grades have slipped, her parents treat her like a prisoner, and her closest friends are too involved in their own lives to spend time with her. Desperate to escape her depressing funk, she starts spending more time with Layla, who introduces her to a new crowd...the wrong crowd. When Melissa starts to go down a dangerous path, can anyone get through to her before she does something she'll regret?

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About Bethany
Award-Winning Author Bethany Lopez began self-publishing in June 2011. Since then she has published various YA and NA books. She is a lover of romance, family, and friends, and enjoys incorporating those things in what she writes. When she isn't reading or writing, she loves spending time with her husband and children, traveling whenever possible.