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Treason Blog Tour--Review and Giveaway!

My Review:

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Once again I found myself plummeting into the world of Ourea. Although I really enjoyed reading Lichgates, I loved Treason. In this installment we are past the set-up stage and right in the thick of the action and romance (hehe).

Kara and Braeden are back and stronger than ever. I loved the twists in the story and Boyce has an easy style that immerses the reader in the book. Ourea is a magical place, and this time around we get to see a bit more of it, especially the political underpinnings.

Kara finds herself in some pretty sticky situations in this book, and she is a great heroine. I loved her banter with Braeden and the subtle inner battle each of them played. Should they or shouldn't they be together?

The politics plays a big role in Treason as the title implies. Some of the twists are just amazing, and I can't wait to read Heritage. Boyce, you need to write faster :)

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About Boyce

S.M. Boyce is a fantasy and paranormal fiction novelist who also dabbles in contemporary fiction and comedy. Her B.A. in Creative Writing qualifies her to serve you french fries, and she updates her blog a few times each week to keep you entertained.

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Grab Your Copy:

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Giveaway/Excerpt--Crux by Julie A. Reece!

Have I got something special for you today! I'm so excited to host one of my FAVORITE authors today.  Julie Reece is an AMAZING storyteller, and one lucky winner will get to see what I mean first hand.

Julie's first novel, Crux, became a fast favorite of mine.   I fell into the story within a few pages and was swept along with the characters.  Birdie is such a great heroine.  She is fiesty yet sensitive, and I loved experiencing her story right along with her. This is totally a Five Star Read!

Here's the blurb:

She should have run. Now, she’ll have to fight.
Eighteen year old Birdie may be homeless, but she’s surviving, that is until a mysterious guy throws money in the air like a crazy game show host and she grabs some with the idea she’ll be able to buy dinner that night.
In that singular moment, unassuming Birdie becomes the girl in everyone’s viewfinder. Thugs want to kill her. Money-guy wants to recruit her. The very hot, very rich and very out of her league Grey Mathews wants to save her.
Birdie, though, wants nothing to do with any of them until she realizes fate didn’t bring them all together.
Her heritage did.
Now, with only twenty-one days left, she’s got to decide whether to follow in the footsteps of those before her or risk her life for people she’s only just met.

Watch the...
Book Trailer

Need more convincing? Read this excerpt:

He plows ahead as though he doesn’t see me, clearly on a mission to get somewhere—fast. In his haste, he knocks my shoulder.

“Easy!” I say, rubbing my throbbing muscle through my coat sleeve. “Just minding own business and I get plowed into by a—" Familiarity hits me just as hard.

“Find the One. Give it away,” he calls out.

My eyebrows rise as a memory clicks in place. Oh, my gosh! Jeff Branner? My eighth grade science teacher? I do a double take. Can’t be him, can it? He’s way too tall.

“Fortune means nothing. This time we must not fail.”

Fortune? I like money.

A man with gray hair in a three-piece suit keeps pace behind the ‘Jeff’ guy. So do three young guys wearing army jackets, an old, Hispanic lady with a fox stole around her neck, and a mom pushing a sleeping kid in a fancy stroller. I’m not normally the groupie type but his money comment, along with his trail of disciples has me more than intrigued.

Hesitation grips me. The clock on the bank across the street reads, eleven-forty-three. The nice folks from St. Andrew’s Mission hand out food to street people at noon on Sundays. Their chili does a good imitation of runny dog chow, but I haven’t eaten for two days.

Yet the guy’s pull on me is irresistible. I turn toward him, conflicting ideas warring in my brain. Giveaways only happen on game shows and in the movies. That can’t be it, I reason. He could be some homicidal maniac with me his next victim.

Curiosity gives me a final shove. I abandon ideas of chili and jog to catch up with the others.

The young brunette pushing the stroller scowls at me over her shoulder.

‘Jeff’ surges ahead like a locomotive. We trail him, and his suitcase, three blocks before venturing down a side alley, away from the larger crowds.

He finally stops at a set of stone stairs, peers up and down the alley, empty aside from our little group. An iron gate wrapped in chains and padlocks seals entry to gothic oak doors at the top step. Ruby glass adorns both inner panels. The craftsmanship indicates wealth, but the building appears long abandoned.
Why is he stopping here?

The stench of urine permeates the surrounding concrete, suggesting homeless sleep in the alcove at night. The smell insults the pretty scene, but what can be done? This is Atlanta.

Jeff faces us, sweeps his dirty-blond hair back from his forehead. A five o’clock shadow darkens his jaw, while an expensive, taupe, trench coat envelops his body down to his calves. His face contorts as if in pain. If I had my sketchbook I would draw him and try to capture the exquisite expression of torture on his face.
“I’ve failed in my duty, ruined my life with pride and greed.” Despite his faded accent, he speaks in a clear voice. He rubs his hand over the back of his neck. “I’ve had everything, every pleasure money can buy. It wasn’t enough. I wanted the world.”

Don’t we all?

Stalk Julie at the following locals:
Julie's Blog
Can't wait to win a copy? Get one on  Amazon.

Julie Reece Born in Ohio, I lived next to my grandfather’s horse farm until the fourth grade. Summers were about riding, fishing and make-believe, while winter brought sledding and ice-skating on frozen ponds. Most of life was magical, but not all.

I struggled with multiple learning disabilities, did not excel in school. I spent much of my time looking out windows and daydreaming. In the fourth grade (with the help of one very nice teacher) I fought dyslexia for my right to read, like a prince fights a dragon in order to free the princess locked in a tower, and I won.

Afterwards, I read like a fiend. I invented stories where I could be the princess... or a gifted heroine from another world who kicked bad guy butt to win the heart of a charismatic hero. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that? Later, I moved to Florida where I continued to fantasize about superpowers and monsters, fabricating stories (my mother called it lying) and sharing them with my friends.

Then I thought I’d write one down…

Hooked, I’ve been writing ever since. I write historical, contemporary, urban fantasy, adventure, and young adult romances. I love strong heroines, sweeping tales of mystery and epic adventure… which must include a really hot guy. My writing is proof you can work hard to overcome any obstacle. Don’t give up. I say, if you write, write on!ExcerptA tall, blond, handsome-for-an-older-man guy, rushes toward me on the already crowded sidewalk, hauling an enormous black suitcase.

Now for the GIVEAWAY!!!! Julie has made this easy on you.  Pick all or just one of the ways to enter.


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Vaempires: Zombie Rising Release by Thomas Winship

Are You Ready for Horror, Action, Adventure?  Stay tuned...

The tale of the Evolutionary War resumes in Væmpires: Zombie Rising.
Væmpires have taken control of twelve major cities. Their leader, Vielyn, seeks the atomic weapons that will bring the rest of the world to its knees.
Vampire forces are reeling. As Linq and Ray race to the royal estate to rendezvous with Cassandra and Daniel, the princess is captured and Daniel falls.
With the fate of world shifting to their teenage shoulders, Linq and Ray must deal with tremendous losses while battling a most unexpected—and undeadly—new foe. 
Ray battled a bruiser whose arms sported a multitude of colorful tattoos, as Linq squared off against the sandy-haired businessman, whose neck perforations had long since healed.
They circled each other, seeking an opening. Linq waved his claws. “Are you sure you want to test your luck again?”
The businessman scowled. “You and your friend might’ve taken down the lot of us, but it’s nothing compared to how many of you we put down.” He spit on the ground at Linq’s feet. “Or how many more we’ll put down.”
The væmpire’s words struck home. Images and feelings crowded at the edge of Linq’s perceptions, a tsunami of them—all of them related to the horrific events of the last twenty-four hours, all of them clamoring and vying for attention. He held them at bay, because distraction meant death, but their intrusion caused his body to relax and his claws to retract.
Sensing an opening, the væmpire attacked, coming straight at Linq in a full-frontal assault.
Standing his ground, Linq swept the væmpire’s claws to the side with his left hand. With his right, he clubbed the vaempire on the side of the head, a thunderous shot that drove the businessman back three steps.
Linq moved in to follow it up with a decisive blow, his senses already searching for new threats. Claws stained black from spilling so much blood extended on impulse and flashed toward the væmpire’s neck.
They slashed nothing but air as the sandy-haired man dropped into a forward roll.
Linq let him roll by, and turned with a sigh. It was almost too easy. The man had obviously received no instruction in hand-to-hand fighting, or else he’d know that you never turn your back on an opponent.
The væmpire came out of his roll and jumped to his feet. He realized his mistake—he had rolled past Linq, but was facing the wrong direction—in time to flinch as Linq’s claws separated his head from his neck.
Crimson blood spurted as the body and head fell in opposite directions. Hot væmpire blood that smelled like rancid meat hit the sidewalk in uneven splatters, reminding Linq of a drunken man urinating in a back alley.
Then two things happened at once: he sensed a væmpire—yet another new arrival—drop in, while Ray yelled, “Watch out!”
Before he could react, Linq was grabbed from behind. Strong arms encircled him—hot, sweaty væmpire arms that felt like steel pincers. Linq’s own arms were pinned to his sides as his adversary squeezed him like a vise.
The pressure was tremendous and Linq panicked, throwing his head back in an attempt to crush the væmpire’s nose. He knew it was a mistake as he did it, but his reaction was quicker than his thoughts.
The væmpire dodged the blow, and then did the unthinkable: his head flashed forward and he sunk his fangs into Linq’s exposed neck.
Every cell in Linq’s body erupted in unmitigated pain. Nothing in his training, nothing in his imagination—in his nightmares, perhaps, but not his imagination—nothing in his experience or education had prepared him for such pain.
His eyes rolled back in his head and his jaw snapped shut, his fangs slicing deep into his tongue. He didn’t even notice.
Then the væmpire drank.
About the Author
Thomas Winship lives in New York. He holds an MBA in Management from St. Thomas Aquinas College, where he serves as MBA Director and adjunct professor of courses in English Composition, Communications, and Business. He also spent fifteen years working for a global pharmaceutical company, specializing in organizational development, talent management, and training.
Tom writes in his spare time. His first novel, Temporary Insanity, was a 2008 finalist in a national contest but failed to garner industry attention. Væmpires: Revolution, his second novel (first in the Væmpires series) was published in October and Væmpires: White Christmas followed in December.
He is an avid collector of books, comic books, music, and movies. His interests are diverse: on any given day, Tom is likely to be found watching a horror movie, attending a hard rock concert, or enjoying a Broadway show.  
He is currently working on the next installment of the Væmpires series, which is scheduled for a 2013 release.

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FIVE is Going on TOUR!

Can't get enough of Elemental Enmity?  Come on tour with me!

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Teaser Tuesday--Who wants More Horizon?

Hello All!

I'm getting so excited for my upcomind blog tour that I almost forgot about Teaser Tuesday.  Hold in your gasps.  Almost is the key word here.  So here you go.  I hope this quenches a little bit of your thirst for Elemental Enmity :)

My whole body convulsed from another bout of nausea.  Heath knelt by me and held my shoulders up.  “I’m sorry I had to put you through that," he said, "but there is a possibility the Guard could sense you while you are in the tunnels.  We are only strong enough to fortify a few rooms as it is.”
My mind refused to think about what he’d just said.  I was so tired of running, so tired of hiding.  That’s all I had done since Mom left me with Aunt Grace.
I shook my head.  For once in my life, I was grateful for the bit of normal I’d had with my makeshift family.  Right now I would have traded all my power for a chance at an uncomplicated life.
Heath grunted and stood up, pulling me up with him.  “You were bored out of your mind in that hick town.  Stop making things worse than they already are.”
I wiped my mouth, gazing up at him.  “How is any of this my fault?”
His hand shot out to caress my cheek.  “It’s not.”  He shook his head.  “I just wanted to have you longer than this.  I can’t stand the thought of you going back to him.”
I blanched, my eyes widening.  “I’m not!  What the heck is going on, Heath?”

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Trick or Tweet Givaway!

Have I got a Tweet for you, hardy-har-har.  No seriously, this is a cool giveaway.

It's time to Trick-or-Tweet! Enter to win one of 40 prizes donated by ten awesome authors! Trick-or-Tweet your way to a signed print book or e-book! Some mail-out prizes even include candy and swag! Winners are chosen on Halloween with the announcement made at noon on Kayla Curry's blog Paranormal Lounge. E-mails will be sent to the winners and prizes will be given on a first come-first-serve basis. Remember to tweet every day to up your chances of winning! In the meantime, go door-to-door and ring the bells on these blogs to read fun Halloween posts.

S. M. Boyce
Wynne Channing
Kayla Curry
Rebecca Hamilton
Nikki Jefford
Rachel McClellan
Jen McConnel
A. D. Trosper
Thomas Winship

Throughout the month I'll be posting some of my favorite scenes from my Elemental Enmity Series, character interviews, and other Halloweeen related posts, like sharing some of my favorite treat recipes.

I love Fall and Halloween is a huge part of why it means so much to me.  It's a time of magic, where even adults can get back to our childhoods.  So what are you waiting for?  Enter the rafflecopter for some great prizes from some awesome authors I adore.

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Cover Reveal--After The Fear by Rosanne Rivers

This is the week for cover reveals, lol. I love Immortal Ink Publishing and this new title sound like a great Dystopian.  Feast your eyes:

A little bit creepy, huh? Did you notice the blood on her hand which is punctuated by the red band. I have to admit this looks a little bit like a horror cover to me, but it's interesting, as is the blurb. Take a gander.
* * *
You have not attended a Demonstration this month.
In Sola’s city, everyone obeys the rules. Stay away from the trigger cameras and regularly update your Debtbook, and you just might survive. But having to watch the way criminals are dealt with—murdered by Demonstrators in the Stadium—is a law Sola tries to avoid. When a charming Demonstrator kisses her at a party, however, she’s thrust into the Stadium and forced into the very role she despises.
Armed with only natural resourcefulness and a caring nature, Sola narrowly survives her first bout. Her small success means she’s whisked off to a training camp, where she discovers a world beyond the trigger cameras and monitoring—a world where falling in love with a killer doesn’t seem so terrible.
Yet life as a Demonstrator has no peace. Sola must train her way through twenty-five more Demonstrations before she can return home to her father. At the end of each battle, only one survivor remains.
Sola could face anyone in the Stadium . . . even a loved one.
 * * *
If you want to know the second this book is released, or be notified of any special offers and opportunities, please sign up using the form below!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cover Reveal--Light Of The Moon by David James

I'm excited to share this new title with you.  It looks really good, and I LOVE the cover.  It's so pretty.  See for yourself:

I love how the light is cast the same on the moon and the man, giving them both a dark and light side.  I'm a sucker for stars and these are dreamy.  Love the colors and the mood.  How about you.

OFFICIAL BLURB from Goodreads: "One night long ago, a constellation disappeared and fell from the sky in the form of a boy.
Secrets are being kept in the sleepy town of Lakewood Hollow, Colorado. Nothing but pools of blood and dripping words are left where bodies once were, and no one but Calum Wade seems to be worried. Life unfolds in shades of red for Calum, until a mysterious girl named Kate Black enrolls at his school and everything changes. Suddenly a dangerous world of dream demons, elemental enchanters, and blood witches unfurls before Calum. He learns that the stars have forever held his destiny, and that the constellations above are much more than what they seem. As Kate and Calum sink deep into a paranormal war, they realize that an ancient prophecy might hold the answers they seek. But life is not so easy for Calum, and he can feel his heart beat faster whenever Kate is close. Worse, Kate's blood holds a dark secret even more dangerous than the war between the demons and enchanters. Soon the two find that there are worse things than loving someone you shouldn't. For Calum and Kate, even love and the fiery power of stars may not be enough to break a curse as dark as the blood that binds their destiny.
A romantic story of true love and dark curses, LIGHT OF THE MOON will leave you breathless."

David James' amazing cover designer is: KEARY TAYLOR (http://www.kearytaylor.com/)

About this author

David James writes books about stars and kisses and curses. He is the author of the YA novel, LIGHT OF THE MOON, the first book in the Legend of the Dreamer series. A novella for the series, THE WARRIOR’S CODE, as well as the sequel, SHADOW OF THE SUN, will be released in 2013. Living in Michigan, he is addicted to coffee, gummy things, and sarcastic comments. He enjoys bad movies and shivery nights, but doesn’t really like writing bios about himself in the third person. Be sure to visit David’s blog to learn more about his various addictions and novels.

You can stalk David in the following places:

BLOG: http://djamesauthor.blogspot.com/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/DJamesAuthor
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/davidjamesauthor
GOODREADS: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16058646-light-of-the-moon

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Cover Reveal--A Prescription for Delirium by Noree Cosper

I've got a treat for you today.  The sweet Noree Cosper is allowing me to help her reveal the cover of her new novel:  A Prescription for Delirium.  I met Noree online and have been blown away by what I've read of hers.  She's got a great voice, and I can't wait to read this book.

First the Cover:

When I first saw this, I didn't know what to make of it.  If it's one thing, it's interesting.  The closer I stare at it the more I see, which intrigues me.

Here's the blurb:

Ninety years ago, Gabriella di Luca promised to protect the family of her dying lover. She failed to keep that promise.  She was too far away to stop the devil that murdered the eldest Van Helsing son. Years later, Gabby learns the devil has resurfaced. She arrives in Hampton, TX, determined to stop the devil before it can lay a bloody hand on the remaining three brothers.

However, madness is spreading through Hampton. She suspects the devil is using this madness to test a drug which has a side effect of demonic possession.  Gabby rushes to end the source of the madness only to fall victim to it. For a woman cursed with eternal life, dying is no threat. However, Gabby must stop the devil's plot or risk losing her most precious possession: her mind.

A Prescription for Delirium is released on December 1st, 2012.

Sounds interesting, huh?


Noree Cosper loves writing about magic in the modern world. While growing up in Texas she constantly searched for mystical elements in the mundane. She buried her nose in both fiction and books about Wicca, Religion, and Mythology. Everyday became an adventure as she joined a group of role-players, acting out her fantasies of vampires, demons, and monsters living in the world.

She embraced her nerdom wholeheartedly.

Noree grew, but never left her love for fantasy and horror. Her dreams pushed her and her hand itched to write the visions she saw. So, with her fingers on the keys, she did what her heart had been telling her to do since childhood. She wrote.

Noree can be found stalking people on Twitter and Facebook.

Be sure to check out her website for news on her works and tidbits of information.

She also likes to ramble about things magical and supernatural on her blog Trip the Eclipse.  It's a fun place to visit, so check it out.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Teaser Tuesday--Sneak Peek at Horizon

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are having a great week.  I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who have contacted me via this blog, goodreads, or facebook.  Your kind words mean so much to me, and I am so happy that you have fallen in love with my books.

I've had quite a few questions about Horizon (Elemental Enmity Book IV) that I want to tell you here I am planning on releasing Horizon Christmas/New Years as long as no major setbacks hit.

I'm stoked by your enthusiasm, and I love teasers, so I am going to do a Teaser Tuesday as often as I can until the release.  Also I'm excited for the cover and can't wait to see if Amber McNemar can work her magic.  I always go in with certain expectations and she always exceeds them, so I'm getting psyched.

So here's a teaser for you.  This happens to be the opening scene of chapter one.  I hope you enjoy!

An unrelenting chill in the air beckoned me out of a dreamless sleep.  My eyes refused to open, yet I couldn’t quite retreat into the pull of oblivion.  As my mind focused, I realized only half of my body was quivering.  The other part of me lay within a cocoon of warmth.
The firm object I rested against radiated heat better than a stoked furnace, so I rolled closer to the source, trying to bury myself inside it.  With the movement, my muscles groaned, making me aware of muscles I hadn’t known I had until just now.  In fact, oddly enough, every part of me hummed like I’d run twenty miles in ten minutes flat.
Unbidden images from last night flooded my mind and my body tightened in response.
My husband.  
The fire lord.
A tight squeal wanted to race up my throat, but I managed to keep it in.  He was sleeping right next to me, after all.

Happy Reading!


Monday, October 1, 2012

The Burning of Isobel Key--by Jen McConnel

I'm excited to share the official release of The Burning of Isobel Key.  This one looks really good, so be sure to stop by each blog to find out more about Jen McConnel and her new release
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