Sunday, September 29, 2013

News From My Amazing Oversea's Adventure

Hello Everyone!

You might have noticed that I have been silent for a little bit. I'm back and getting ready to share some of the amazing photos I took of the British Isles. I am so blessed to have been able to jump the pond and see the castles, cities and great places I did.

I didn't have access  to internet while I was traveling, and I missed you all, but I had a blast, so it was worth the sacrifice, lol.

One of the things that surprised me was how very similar we all are. I've noticed this in my interaction with people online from all around the world, but now, I've actually had personal experience with so many great and kind people.

I loved the trip and I was able to take some great photos. I'll share some with you now, but I plan on doing a feature for each place I visited, too. For now, the white cliffs of Dover. It was raining all morning when we arrived and the fog was pretty thick, but I hope you can get an idea of just how beautiful this area is.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fade into the Woodwork by Kristina Circelli!

Join author Kristina Circelli in the release of her new novella, Fade into the Woodwork! This nail-biting novella is now available on the Kindle and Nook.


Abducted in broad daylight, locked away in a basement cage, starved for food and light - how would you escape your prison?

Valentina Murdoch finds herself asking that same question after she is attacked and kidnapped one ordinary morning. Brought to a secluded hideaway in the middle of the woods to await her fate at the hands of "the boss," she has but days to survive.

Utilizing her love of action movies to create a plan, Valentina plots her escape while battling a crippling fear of the dark - for the dark is where her childhood nightmare lurks, waiting for her one moment of weakness. But as the clock winds down and her husband's search for her threatens his own life, Valentina realizes that her true fight lies within herself.

Will she have the strength to survive, or will the dark - and all the figures that haunt it - finally win?

Meet the Author:

Night owl, Dorito lover, and quiet eccentric - Kristina Circelli is the author of several fiction novels, including The Helping Hands series, The Whisper Legacy, The Never, and The Sour Orange Derby.

A descendent of the Cherokee nation and niece of a Cherokee elder, Circelli holds both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in English from the University of North Florida, where she teaches creative writing. She also heads Red Road Editing, a full-service editing company for independent authors and commercial clients.

She currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband, Seth, and cats, Lord Finnegin the Fierce and Mr. Malachi the Mighty.

Connect with Kristina:
Email -
Twitter: @KCircelli

Monday, September 16, 2013

Book Review--The Unearthly by Laura Thalassa

Okay, so I'm officially into my trip, and I'm sure I'm loving it. While I have so many books to catch up on during my vacation, I've been thinking about the books that I've thoroughly enjoyed this year and The Unearthly is one of them. I wish the sequel was out so I could catch up on my vacation, but I've got plenty to keep me going! Have you heard of this one? If not, you should check it out!

The Unearthly (The Unearthly, #1)The Unearthly by Laura Thalassa
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had no idea what to expect when I started this book, but WOW, I loved where it took me. Yes, there are vampires, and but I thoroughly loved this book. Gabrielle was a great heroine and I felt so bad for her. At times, I wanted her to handle things differently, but she never did anything that totally annoyed me. Andre was one of the bad boys you don't want to like but do. He's been around a very long time and so his reasons for doing things were rooted in experience.

Peel Academy had a Hogwarts vibe in a good way. I loved it, although, I wish the other students, teachers and well everyone would have been nicer to Gabrielle. I'm so glad I decided to read this book. The only thing I don't like is having to wait for the sequel.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Book Review--Heritage by S.M. Boyce!

Good Morning! I'm so excited to share this review with you! The Grimoire Saga is one of my favorite fantasy reads, and Heritage is awesome! It's due out on November 5, 2013, but here's a sneak peak of what to expect.

Heritage (The Grimoire Saga, #3)Heritage by S.M. Boyce
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had the pleasure of reading a beta copy of Heritage.

The Grimoire Saga has found a way into my heart. I love the characters and the world.

In Heritage, Kara struggles with her new Isen state and learning the limits and advantages of her new power. She is a force to be reckoned with and comes across strong throughout the book. I enjoyed getting to know her even more and related with her inner struggles.

Braeden, as always, was a favorite of mine. He's complex, with inner struggles that made my heart clench for him. He has all the makings of a great hero. Conflicted, but still strong, he's determined to overcome his dark nature and lead his people to a time of peace. He just needs to conquer Carden to do it. Several twists in his arc took me by surprise.

I was happy to see old favorites, like Twin, back in the story and come to know new characters, like Stone. Each character serves a purpose within the tale and adds a layer to the world.

I'm eagerly awaiting the final book to this series and I'm quite sure it will remain a favorite of mine for a very long time.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Book Review--Kiss of Fire by Rebecca Ethington

Today I begin my vacation! I'm so excited to explore the British Isles, I can't even tell you. One of the things I'm looking forward to is getting to read while I'm gone. I'm going to do a few premade posts for while I'm gone with reviews from books I've found delightful.

This is the first in that series.

I found out about this book on facebook. I thought the cover was interesting and the blurb drew me in. I'm so glad I picked this one up! I have a great new series to read on vacation and it's good to know I'll have something I really enjoy with me.

Here's the blurb:

Joclyn Despain has been marred by a brand on her skin. She doesn't know why the mark appeared on her neck, but she doesn't want anyone to see it, including her best friend Ryland, who knows everything else about her. The scar is the reason she hides herself behind baggy clothes, and won't let the idea of kissing Ryland enter her mind, no matter how much she wants to.
The scar is the reason she is being hunted.

If only she knew that she was.

If only she had known that the cursed stone her estranged father sent for her 16th birthday would trigger a change in her. Now, she is being stalked by a tall blonde man, and is miraculously throwing her high school bully ten feet in the air.

Joclyn attempts to find some answers and the courage to follow her heart. When Ryland finds her scar; only he knows what it means, and who will kill her because of it.

Now for my review:

Kiss of Fire (Imdalind #1)Kiss of Fire by Rebecca Ethington
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a great book! I did NOT want to stop reading when I had to. I loved Joclyn and Ryland was so yummy, then comes in Ilyan, phew. Talk about swoon worthy, lol.

This story line was fantastic. I loved how much I was able to connect with the characters and there really wasn't one thing I disliked in the story.

This is a self-discovery, good vs evil story that kept me reading into the wee hours of the morning. Loved it and dove into the second book the minute I finished this one.

Delightful and gripping, I'm in for the series for sure.

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Watch for my reviews of the other books in the series soon!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Exciting Opportunity for Writers, Readers, and Book Lovers of All Kind!

NoveltunityI have to talk to you about Noveltunity. I don't usually get excited about websites, but this one looks fantastic. It's all about putting power in the hands of the readers. Noveltunity is going to make it so much more fun to be in a book club. To keep things interesting, he and I put together a really fun giveaway. That's at the bottom, but I want you to learn more about what Noveltunity is going to do for you. It's really cool. I've spoken multiple times with Rick Karlsruher, President of Noveltunity®, and the info he's given me on his new website is going to make life easier for both readers and writers on a global scale.  

About Noveltunity

Noveltunity® will be a worldwide ebook/audiobook club that will feature and promote new and undiscovered writers. Members will also have classes and meetings with fellow writers and readers fromaround the world.
NoveltunityIf you are a reader, you get the chance to create the next Stephanie Meyer, JK Rowling or John Grisham. You’ll also be able to meet the writers in meetings as well create friendship with other readers from around the world. In the past two months people from thirty countries have expressed interest in joining. Seriously. How FUN is that? You get to meet with the chosen authors every month. Just talk to them, like they're normal or something. So here's the skinny: Noveltunity® launched a crowdfunding campaign on on September 9. As part of the crowd funding campaign, there are lots of ways to donate. However, one sticks out most to me: the $50 contribution. The bonuses that come with this are ridiculously top-notich. Almost every writer in our group will use this. You will receive:
  • A state-of-the-art multi-media ebook conversion from eBooks In Motion. This program will allow audio, video and other media to be included in your work. This could separate your book from others and would normally cost over $200.
  • 2 one-year memberships for Noveltunity®. Each will include 36 ebooks and 12 of which will be made into audio books.
  • Audiobooks - included. Yes - they will make audiobooks for you. Sorry. I just wanted to make sure that was pointed out.
When you do the $50 option, you get a "one for a friend" sort of deal, which I love. I like the idea of donating one of the memberships to a public library, but you're welcome to give it to another author friend. If you do donate it to a library, it helps others and puts the club’s book selections on their shelves. This will help dozens of authors every year. Just for following my blog, Rick has offered our group the ability to use his meeting rooms for classes when we need them. His mission is to help writers succeed. We share that goal. Let’s all participate! Boyce's Books can put Noveltunity® on the map, and I want you to share in this with me. I'm excited to be with Noveltunity from the beginning, and I want you to be there with me. So how about it? Are you in?

If you have any questions, email Rick directly (Rick [at] noveltunity [dot] com) or me.

The Giveaway

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Cover Reveal--Break You by Jennifer Snyder!

Today I’m taking part in the cover reveal for Jennifer Snyder’s novel Break You. Break You is a New Adult Contemporary Romance.

Ready for the cover? Here it is…

Isn’t it a beauty? 
The cover was created by Once Upon A Time Covers and features the photography of K. Keeton.

Releasing November 8, 2013

Blaire Hayes enjoys a quiet life, spending her days as a CNA at the local nursing home and nights studying for exams. She prefers things to be as uncomplicated as possible—but
 when her friends drag her to a party and she bumps into her high school crush, the path of Blaire’s life veers in an entirely different direction than what she had planned for herself.

 Jason Bryant created a nice life away from his hometown, putting distance between himself and the suffocating sadness of his father’s death. But when he finds out his grandfather’s health is deteriorating, he decides he must return home. Partying was not on his agenda while in town, but it’s how he bumps into Blaire Hayes—the girl he’d always thought of in high school as an unobtainable pass.

 Together the two learn there are moments in life that hold within them all the power to break you...

<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]--> Jennifer Snyder lives in North Carolina were she spends most of her time writing New Adult and Young Adult Fiction, reading, and struggling to stay on top of housework. She is a tea lover with an obsession for Post-it notes and smooth writing pens. Jennifer lives with her husband and two children, who endure listening to songs that spur inspiration on repeat and tolerate her love for all paranormal, teenage-targeted TV shows.
Find her here:

Friday, September 6, 2013

Cover Reveal--The Long Road Home by Megan Duncan

New Contemporary Romance due out in November 2013!

The Long Road Home Synopsis

Jenny had always heard the phrase, ‘Home Sweet Home’, but she never really knew what it meant. Growing up with a neglectful mother who moved her and her brother from town to town, and a father that had been absent all her life she’d never had a place to call home; but she vowed to have one someday. Jenny had a plan in place, an escape for her and her brother, but when her mother’s bad habits get in the
way Jenny has to decide what she’s willing to sacrifice to save the life she’s always dreamed of.

About the Author

Megan Duncan is a lover of all things paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi and anything just out of the ordinary. She is continually fighting her addiction to chocolate and living in her overactive imagination.

Stalk Megan at the following locations:

Amazon Page

Other titles by Megan Duncan:

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cover Reveal--A Matter of Truth by Heather Lyons!

It's Cover Reveal Day for Heather Lyons and the third book in her The Fate Series,


Not only that, but the first book in the series, A MATTER OF FATE, has gotten a redesign too! See below for the new covers and to read all about this amazing fantasy series! Reading with a Contemporary feel, this fantasy series is full of romance, mystery and fantastic characters.
And, for a limited time only, the first two titles in the series are on sale right now for just $.99! If you haven't read The Fate Series, now is the time to get started! Book 3, A MATTER OF TRUTH, will be releasing in November 2013.

And now for the covers...

Book 1 in The Fate Series, A MATTER OF FATE

Chloe Lilywhite struggles with all the normal problems of a typical seventeen-year-old high school student. Only, Chloe isn't a normal teenage girl. She's a Magical, part of a secret race of beings who influence the universe. More importantly, she's a Creator, which means Fate mapped out her destiny long ago, from her college choice, to where she will live, to even her job. While her friends and relatives relish their future roles, Chloe resents the lack of say in her life, especially when she learns she's to be guarded against a vengeful group of beings bent on wiping out her kind. Their number one target? Chloe, of course. That's nothing compared to the boy trouble she's gotten herself into. Because a guy she's literally dreamed of and loved her entire life, one she never knew truly existed, shows up in her math class, and with him comes a twin brother she finds herself inexplicably drawn to. Chloe's once unyielding path now has a lot more choices than she ever thought possible.

Find A MATTER OF FATE at the following locations:

Book 3 in The Fate Series, A MATTER OF TRUTH

Not long ago, Chloe Lilywhite seemingly had it all: a prized spot on the Magicals’ Council as lead Creator, a loving fiancé and Connection, and a wealth of good friends. But the poised young woman she projected was nothing more than a façade. Her parents all but disowned her. Power plays and accusations of murder within the Council rocked her confidence. And most difficult of all, her secret, a secondary Connection to Jonah’s twin brother, Kellan, became painfully impossible to resist. Desperate to gain control over her rapidly unraveling existence, Chloe did the unthinkable: she ran away.

Now living and working in Alaska under an alias, Chloe is slowly discovering who she is and, more importantly, who she wants to be. But the more she tries to leave the Magical world behind, the harder it becomes to stay hidden. The Elders are back with a vengeance, and the stakes have never been higher. Chloe finally has to make a choice: embrace her pre-ordained Fate or pave her own way in the worlds. One thing’s for sure, though—she’s finally up for the challenge.
*This is a New Adult title, suitable for readers 18+

Find A Matter of Truth at:

And just so you can see the whole series all together...


And just so you have all of the information for the entire series, here is the information on Book 2 in The Fate Series, A MATTER OF HEART, and author Heather Lyons!

ABOUT A MATTER OF HEART (Book 2): No longer in high school, Chloe Lilywhite is now living and working in Annar, the Magicals' city-state plane of existence. Since moving, she's joined the Council, gone on missions with the Guard, moved into her own apartment, and enrolled at the University of Annar. Plus, she's happily engaged to be married to Jonah Whitecomb, the literal man from her dreams, not to mention her Connection. While she still struggles with aspects of her craft, Chloe feels like she's finally coming into her own, especially after a difficult year that had her questioning nearly everything in her life. After a brutal attack by the Elders, her life is turned upside down once more. Accusations fly throughout the Council and Guard, forcing Chloe to confront her worst fears about what's she's capable of as a Creator. And then there's the matter of Kellan Whitecomb, Jonah's twin brother and Chloe's ex, who resurfaces after disappearing months before. Although Chloe chose Jonah, and despite their best efforts, the two find it hard to stay away from one another. But no matter what Fate throws at her, Chloe is determined to take charge of her life, even as it begins to spiral out of control. A MATTER OF HEART is book 2 in the Fate Series, a mature Young Adult/New Adult fantasy.

Find A MATTER OF HEART at the following locations!

About Heather Lyons: 
Heather Lyons, author of The Fate Series

Heather Lyons has always had a thing for words—She’s been writing stories since she was a kid. In addition to writing, she’s also been an archaeologist and a teacher. Heather is a rabid music fan, as evidenced by her (mostly) music-centric blog, and she’s married to an even larger music snob. They’re happily raising three kids who are mini music fiends who love to read and be read to.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bloggerversary Celebration--SS Book Fanatics

Hello Everyone! I'm so pleased to be able to celebrate a very special day with one of my good friends, Sandra Valente, who happens to have a fantastic book blog! It's her two year anniversary sharing her love of books and wonderful reviews. Take a gander at the AMAZING books available for you to win. I hope you all will enter the rafflecopter and enjoy Sandra's post. Please join me in wishing her years of success to come. You're the best, Sandra. Much love...Christie

I really don't want to bore anyone to death, but there are some things I have to say. Deep breath. I can't believe it's been two years since I started the blog. Crazy! It's been both fun and hard work, although meeting awesome people and making amazing friends overrules all the craziness. So, compared to my 1st blogaversary, this one for me is huge. Huge because the amount of books up for grabs is beyond my thought process, never mind the swag, bookmarks and jewellery. 90% of these are YA, and this came about because I entered a competition for the website. To cut a long story short, I entered and I won. Because of this, I won over 40 eBooks, plus swag. I also did something I have never done before and trust me, it took all the guts I could muster to click on the dreaded button. I posted a message on Facebook asking if there were any fab authors out there who'd be willing to donate to the blogaversary, and I added my e-mail. Well... Well! Amazing people came through, and the next thing I knew, I had like 40 eBbooks. I was blown away by their generosity. My memory is like that of an elephant's where names/people are concerned (I don't forget), and I know I will never forget them. To all the amazing authors who sent me books via my message on Facebook... YOU are so appreciated, and I truly can't thank you enough! And to all the authors who put books up for the banner giveaway, thank you for that, and for agreeing to let me pass them on. :) So, you've got it, I'm passing it all on to you!
A shout out needs to go to: Wendy Longsdon (you now why!), Kim Carmichael for sending me bookmarks all the way from the US, and Ruthi Kight for putting a swag pack together in like seconds. I'm also passing on the jewellery, and crocheted eReader cover. Every author here has been so cool. I can promise you that this much awesomeness would not be happening if it wasn't for them. I'm forever grateful. 
FOR YOUR INFORMATION: I've added every author to the Rafflecopter for an FB author page like. Now, I know there are 46 authors, so loads of likes. But seriously, you don't have to go to another link, click here, there and everywhere. It's all on one form, and it might take you 5 minutes tops. Each book alone took either months or years to write. I think your like for each author's hard work is more than worth it. :) So, please give each one a like. I'd so appreciate it, and I know they would, too. :D 
There are two books which accompany their bookmarks, so they will be gifted to the same person: The Broken Destiny with bookmarks (of book 1 and book 2), and Closure by Kim Carmichael with a set of bookmarks, which I will send to the winner. The rest will go to individual winners. I've also decided that books in a series will go to one winner, and there are a few. This is going to be hectic, but I'm hoping that the fun factor will override the hecticness! As you've obviously seen, this will take place during the whole month of September, so grab your friends, enter, get them to enter, share, tweet, post on FB... anything, anywhere! I will probably spend the first week in October putting all the winners together with books, swag and jewellery, and then will start e-mailing authors with details. I have a few books in my possession, which I will pass on to winners with the understanding that they are for their sole enjoyment only. Never share, or pass them around. Thank you!
Phantom and Lady Lissa's Liaison by Lindsay Randall [2 copies of each - 4 winners]
No Shelter From Darkness by Mark D. Evans (I've read this - awesome!) [2 copies - 2 winners]
Cold Company by A.J. Aalto [2 copies - 2 winners]
Touched #1 and Death Rejoices #2 by A.J. Aalto [2 copies of each - 2 winners]
Jack Stone by Vivien Sparx [3 copies - 3 winners]
Always and Forever (YA debut) by Karla J. Nellenbach [2 copies - 2 winners]
A Sliver of Hope by Karla J. Nellenbach [2 copies - 2 winners]
Godspeed by February Grace [2 copies - 2 winners]
Please note that the following books are available in either mobi or ePub:
[Winners receiving books from authors will probably be given the option of which format they prefer]
Solomon's Men by Glenn Starkey (I've read this - awesome!)
The Broken Destiny by Carlyle Labuschagne (I've read this - awesome!)
The following books I'm personally giving away to 1 winner:
#1 Collide and #2 Pulse by Gail McHugh
(I've read Collide and loved it, and will be reading Pulse soon!)
a Rafflecopter giveaway