Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bloggerversary Celebration--SS Book Fanatics

Hello Everyone! I'm so pleased to be able to celebrate a very special day with one of my good friends, Sandra Valente, who happens to have a fantastic book blog! It's her two year anniversary sharing her love of books and wonderful reviews. Take a gander at the AMAZING books available for you to win. I hope you all will enter the rafflecopter and enjoy Sandra's post. Please join me in wishing her years of success to come. You're the best, Sandra. Much love...Christie

I really don't want to bore anyone to death, but there are some things I have to say. Deep breath. I can't believe it's been two years since I started the blog. Crazy! It's been both fun and hard work, although meeting awesome people and making amazing friends overrules all the craziness. So, compared to my 1st blogaversary, this one for me is huge. Huge because the amount of books up for grabs is beyond my thought process, never mind the swag, bookmarks and jewellery. 90% of these are YA, and this came about because I entered a competition for the website. To cut a long story short, I entered and I won. Because of this, I won over 40 eBooks, plus swag. I also did something I have never done before and trust me, it took all the guts I could muster to click on the dreaded button. I posted a message on Facebook asking if there were any fab authors out there who'd be willing to donate to the blogaversary, and I added my e-mail. Well... Well! Amazing people came through, and the next thing I knew, I had like 40 eBbooks. I was blown away by their generosity. My memory is like that of an elephant's where names/people are concerned (I don't forget), and I know I will never forget them. To all the amazing authors who sent me books via my message on Facebook... YOU are so appreciated, and I truly can't thank you enough! And to all the authors who put books up for the banner giveaway, thank you for that, and for agreeing to let me pass them on. :) So, you've got it, I'm passing it all on to you!
A shout out needs to go to: Wendy Longsdon (you now why!), Kim Carmichael for sending me bookmarks all the way from the US, and Ruthi Kight for putting a swag pack together in like seconds. I'm also passing on the jewellery, and crocheted eReader cover. Every author here has been so cool. I can promise you that this much awesomeness would not be happening if it wasn't for them. I'm forever grateful. 
FOR YOUR INFORMATION: I've added every author to the Rafflecopter for an FB author page like. Now, I know there are 46 authors, so loads of likes. But seriously, you don't have to go to another link, click here, there and everywhere. It's all on one form, and it might take you 5 minutes tops. Each book alone took either months or years to write. I think your like for each author's hard work is more than worth it. :) So, please give each one a like. I'd so appreciate it, and I know they would, too. :D 
There are two books which accompany their bookmarks, so they will be gifted to the same person: The Broken Destiny with bookmarks (of book 1 and book 2), and Closure by Kim Carmichael with a set of bookmarks, which I will send to the winner. The rest will go to individual winners. I've also decided that books in a series will go to one winner, and there are a few. This is going to be hectic, but I'm hoping that the fun factor will override the hecticness! As you've obviously seen, this will take place during the whole month of September, so grab your friends, enter, get them to enter, share, tweet, post on FB... anything, anywhere! I will probably spend the first week in October putting all the winners together with books, swag and jewellery, and then will start e-mailing authors with details. I have a few books in my possession, which I will pass on to winners with the understanding that they are for their sole enjoyment only. Never share, or pass them around. Thank you!
Phantom and Lady Lissa's Liaison by Lindsay Randall [2 copies of each - 4 winners]
No Shelter From Darkness by Mark D. Evans (I've read this - awesome!) [2 copies - 2 winners]
Cold Company by A.J. Aalto [2 copies - 2 winners]
Touched #1 and Death Rejoices #2 by A.J. Aalto [2 copies of each - 2 winners]
Jack Stone by Vivien Sparx [3 copies - 3 winners]
Always and Forever (YA debut) by Karla J. Nellenbach [2 copies - 2 winners]
A Sliver of Hope by Karla J. Nellenbach [2 copies - 2 winners]
Godspeed by February Grace [2 copies - 2 winners]
Please note that the following books are available in either mobi or ePub:
[Winners receiving books from authors will probably be given the option of which format they prefer]
Solomon's Men by Glenn Starkey (I've read this - awesome!)
The Broken Destiny by Carlyle Labuschagne (I've read this - awesome!)
The following books I'm personally giving away to 1 winner:
#1 Collide and #2 Pulse by Gail McHugh
(I've read Collide and loved it, and will be reading Pulse soon!)
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Thank you for sharing, Christie! It looks fabulous. :) Woot.

  2. And thank you for the wishes! :) I obviously missed that the first time around. It's Sunday, so I guess we've all been busy with this and that.
    Hugs, Sandra.

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    1. Hi Kimberly! Thank you for following! Sandra will be thrilled with your well wishes. She's an awesome lady for throwing such a great shebang!

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  6. YAY! So happy you are getting followers, too, Christie! I hope everyone has noticed your gorgeous book up there in the graphics. :)

    Let's rock on! xx

    1. Thanks so much, Sandra! There is no word for your awesomeness!



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