Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Teaser Tuesday--Sneak Peek at Horizon

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are having a great week.  I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who have contacted me via this blog, goodreads, or facebook.  Your kind words mean so much to me, and I am so happy that you have fallen in love with my books.

I've had quite a few questions about Horizon (Elemental Enmity Book IV) that I want to tell you here I am planning on releasing Horizon Christmas/New Years as long as no major setbacks hit.

I'm stoked by your enthusiasm, and I love teasers, so I am going to do a Teaser Tuesday as often as I can until the release.  Also I'm excited for the cover and can't wait to see if Amber McNemar can work her magic.  I always go in with certain expectations and she always exceeds them, so I'm getting psyched.

So here's a teaser for you.  This happens to be the opening scene of chapter one.  I hope you enjoy!

An unrelenting chill in the air beckoned me out of a dreamless sleep.  My eyes refused to open, yet I couldn’t quite retreat into the pull of oblivion.  As my mind focused, I realized only half of my body was quivering.  The other part of me lay within a cocoon of warmth.
The firm object I rested against radiated heat better than a stoked furnace, so I rolled closer to the source, trying to bury myself inside it.  With the movement, my muscles groaned, making me aware of muscles I hadn’t known I had until just now.  In fact, oddly enough, every part of me hummed like I’d run twenty miles in ten minutes flat.
Unbidden images from last night flooded my mind and my body tightened in response.
My husband.  
The fire lord.
A tight squeal wanted to race up my throat, but I managed to keep it in.  He was sleeping right next to me, after all.

Happy Reading!



  1. Loved the teaser, thank you!
    I have a question, as a reader and as a writer: why did you decide to allow Zach to be taken over by his sister, therefore leading the way for Heath to become our heroine's husband. I felt so badly for Zach, he had been alone 1,000 years, not taken part in the hunts ( Heath is young and a new Fire Lord) Zach did not take her by force and bond her, he wanted her to want him. He finally found love again and it was a bit heartbreaking to see him lose his chance at love again. Now, don't get me wrong I adore Heath and he has truly gone the extra mile, however, my heart breaks for Zake. Great writing when you can make my heart break for a man who does not exist except in my mind! I shed a few tears for him and I am way out of the YA age range! Ty Raven _ Excited about the Army they are building and what is going to happen to all the brothers. I hope you find someone wonderful for Zach!

  2. Hi Angel! Thank you so much for your comments. Trust me, Zach's part in this story is not over. I love him too, as a reader and a writer :)

    He is very close to my heart, that's all I can tell you now because I don't want too spoil the last book for you.

    I did not allow Ainessa to take over his mind. That's the strange thing about writing for me. Characters do what they will. I've been surprised several times throughout this series, and I know that will probably get me a few raised eyebrows.

    That being said, when I have tried to "make" characters do things I wanted them to, the story has always derailed, and I have been left floundering. I've learned to let my characters tell their story.

    I hope that makes sense. Please let me know if you have more questions. I'm always happy to talk about my books, and I appreciate your question.

    I love happy endings, so I hope that gives you some solace, at least.

  3. After reading all three books in one week, I am so excited about horizons! Do you know when you might be making it available on kindle? I've recommended this series to all of my friends :)

  4. Hello there! Thank you so much for loving my series and for spreading the word! You don't know what that means to me.

    I'm hoping to release Horizon the 27th, so only a few days away. If all goes well with formatting and such I will make my deadline. Thanks for your interest, and I hope you enjoy Horizon.

    It's neat to see the series come to a close, but that doesn't mean I'm done with the elemental world.