Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Book Review: The Medium (Emily Chambers) by CJ Archer

You know when you find an author you enjoy and you want to try all their books?  Well, I have found one of those authors.  C.J. Archer is an amazing writer.  I felt so much while reading her Emily Chambers series, and I loved each book in the series.  The first book below was still free the last time I checked, so bonus!  If you like regency romances with a twist, this just might be the series for you.

I'll be back with more reviews later this week and Blogger Book Fair is coming next week.  I'll be featuring a few authors and will have a giveaway for Elemental Enmity, so stay tuned!

The Medium (Emily Chambers Spirit Medium Trilogy #1)The Medium by C.J. Archer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved this book! It had just the right amount of mystery and romance. The paranormal aspect was intriguing. Emily is a relatable character that made me laugh, cringe from embarrassment, and you name the emotion, I probably felt it in this series.

This was a free book on Amazon, and I picked it up on a whim. Once I started reading, I was captivated by the lovely descriptions and the funny protagonist. I like regency books, but this one felt modern in a good way. Emily's emotions were part of what makes the book and the series.

This is a must read for romance readers who love a good adventure. I blew through this series in no time at all. I'm now looking into Ms. Archer's adult titles because I love her style so much.

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