Sunday, April 7, 2013

#Indielicious Blog Hop--Dreamscape Teaser Alert!

It's amazing how quickly Sundays roll around.  I'm pleased to share another teaser from Dreamscape with you.  Make sure you drop by all the other blogs participating in the hop for more tempting teasers...this time I've given you a little more action :)

He dips his chin and comes at me again, giving a grunt as he rushes forward.  He’s totally not fooling.  Adrenaline jolts through me, and I sprint away.  I leap over the weights strewn across the floor and dodge the punching bags.  Once I’m past the blue mat, my feet do a better job of propelling me forward.
His presence stalks me as I race through the hall toward anywhere but here.  When I realize I’m heading for the library, I groan.  I really need to pay more attention to where I’m going.  There is no way out of that place but through the front door, and there is no freaking way I’m letting him corner me in his crimson den of pleasure.
Seeing no other option I dart down a hall I’ve never seen.  It’s dark and eerie, as if no one has been here since the place was made.  A thin light ahead gives me some hope.
I listen for any sign of Seth pursuing me but the only sound that registers is my rapid breath.  My pulse thumps in my throat as my mind frantically searches for an escape.
The dust covering the cool floor makes the experience ten times worse.  Why exactly did I take off my shoes?
Only someone completely comfortable in the presence of someone else should ever remove footwear.  I never expected Seth to wig out like this.  It’s like he’s Hyde or something.  He really could be this close to losing it and I wouldn’t know.
What I remember about Jason does not apply in this place.  Seth has the attributes I loved so much in Jason, but he’s also got some major issues Jason never exhibited.
Why is it that the first time I attract a guy he’s a total nutter?  I just don’t know what to think anymore.  I need somewhere to hide, so I twist at the last second into a dark room off the hallway.  I’m hoping for a side door or a convenient little rabbit hole.  It wouldn’t matter if it was a doggie door, I’d take anything about now.
The rational part of my brain tells me I’m overreacting.  Seth has never really hurt me…well, he almost fried me with that wicked fire wall of his right after he brought me here, but—
I don’t have time for another thought.
My arm hairs stand straight on end while this electric chill sizzles through my veins.  I freeze where I am, listening for any hint of his pursuit.  My breath stills to a low rustle.  Nothing seems out of place, yet everything in me screams run.
When I whirl away from the doorway another doorway appears in front of me.  I rush forward, not caring where this thing leads.  I only allow myself a second to wonder if somehow I created this escape route like I did the addition to the garden.
My next thought makes me stumble then trip.  What if I could create a door out of here?  I tried before, but it seems this place likes me more now.  I throw my arms in front of me to protect myself, but I’m plucked from my fall by a pair of strong arms.
Seth pulls me tight against his chest and for the briefest of moments I think he’s going to snap my neck…or sink his teeth into me.
Instead, he rests his face against the back of my shoulder, panting in huge breaths.  His skin is slick with sweat, as is mine.  Neither of us speaks for a really long time.
He finally breaks the silence with a labored sigh.  “How did you get in here?”


  1. Interesting scene. I love how she says she attracts nutters. Dating sucks! She's obviously really confused about things, and scared. Maybe you'll pick up in this spit next week! ;-) hint

  2. I could, Krystal, if I remember where I was, lol. I'm jumping all over the place with these teasers, leaving you all confused,right.

    This is a complex world and Amelia is still trying to figure things out, if that is even possible, lol.

  3. I could really feel the fear that she had, great job with that!

  4. Whoa, that is a great teaser. Very detailed but still leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Can't wait to read the next one. ;-)

    Elle C.

  5. Great teaser. Very intriguing.