Saturday, October 12, 2013

Port of Call--Dublin, Ireland!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you're having a great weekend and getting more accomplished than I am. Since I can't seem to get my mind focused on writing right now, I've decided to give you guys a glimpse into my one and only stop in Ireland.

I was so looking forward to the Antrum coast, but that didn't happen. Still, Dublin was lively, despite the rain. It was a lovely place, the little I actually got to see of it from my motor coach, lol.

We stopped at Trinity College and waited out in the rain for quite some time to get a glimpse of the Book of Kells. I'm sorry to say that Trinity doesn't allow cameras into their display, but you can find each image at the college's website.

I'm still going to share the photos I took while in the bus. I loved the amazing house fronts and rich heritage there.

See the McDonald's sign? Seriously? Lol.

We also got to stop at St. Patrick's Cathedral. It was just beautiful and I hope the pictures will give you an idea of the fantastic archways and lovely stained glass. This place is massive inside and just amazing to think about how long it's been standing (hint 1191!)

Let's just say it was pretty cool! I loved seeing the intricate woodwork and stonework. Even the floor was absolutely stunning.

One of the things that hit me the hardest when the tour guide told us about the potato famine. He explained that the people back in those days ate only potatoes. That's a little unfathomable to me with the variety of food I enjoy, but when the famine happened, so many people starved. There was a great exodus and more than half of the inhabitants of Ireland left for America and Canada. My ancestors were among the survivors.

I'm grateful for their sacrifices and for their ability to adapt during hard times. I'm also so very thankful to have been able to visit such a wonderful place. I hope to be able to go back one day and visit more of Ireland. Maybe then I can really find out where my people come from.

How about you? Have you visited Dublin? What was your favorite part? What did I miss?


  1. Great pics. So it rained? Ha ha, shocker for Ireland.

    1. Lol, thanks, Emma! I didn't exactly expect sun, but it would have been nice :). It reminded me of Washington state and the constant rain, which is why it's so very pretty.

  2. Your pics are gorgeous, Christie! Our last holiday in Portugal and Spain was spent trekking from castle to cathedrals and anything in between. I love looking at all the amazingness that was built way before our time, and if I'm honest is so glorious that nothing today, bar one or two things, even comes close. I do hope you get to go back to further explore Ireland and perhaps meet up with Emma? :)

    1. Thanks, Sandra! I love old architecture. I totally agree with you about buildings then versus now, lol. I'd love to go back and visit, and, of course, I'd love to meet the lovely Emma!