Monday, November 4, 2013

Port of Call--Grenock Sotland Inverary Castle and Loch Lomand

Hello Everyone!

I've been super busy, but I haven't forgotten about posting my pictures. Scotland was one of my favorite destinations because I was able to see the countryside and it was just fantastic. This was my first experience with an actual castle!

Feast your eyes, lol.

How cool to be greeted by the haunting sound of bagpipes bright and early in the morning! After my husband pointed him out, I had to have a picture!

The drive to Inverary Castle was long and we got to see quite a few quaint villages with stunning gardens like this one.

Isn't that a stunning gate?

First glimpses of the castle! This place was so awesome, it could be it's own post. What was even cooler was they let us take pictures inside!

Since this is such a cool place, I'll post again about it later. I truly enjoyed Inverary Castle and the small village with friendly people and great food.

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