Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hear ye--Hear ye--Tournament of Monsters to begin soon!

Who is the ultimate monster? Find out with the Tournament of Monsters July 26-29!

Who would win in a no-holds-barred battle to the death? Vampires or Zombies? Imhotep the Mummy or Pennywise the Clown? In two weeks, this space will become a cage match for the most horrible monsters. In honour of the inaugural Blogger Book Fair (All’s Fair in Blogs and More!), Wynne Channing is hosting a TOURNAMENT OF MONSTERS!

Cheer for your choice. Make their headshots your profile pic on Facebook. Tweet with the hashtag #MonsterMash.  Tell Wynne who should win. (Hey that rymes.)  Trash the losers. Don’t see your favorite monster on this list? Let us know who you would throw into the ring!

Tune in next week when she announces the list of fantastic authors who will be defending these monsters and which creatures will be facing off in the first round!

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