Sunday, February 17, 2013

#Indielicious Blog Hop--Teaser Alert!

Good Morning, my friends!

Once again I'm participating in the Indielicious blog hop. I'm posting more of Dreamscape, my current work in progress, to hopefully entice you.  This is such a fun book to write.  I love Seth and Amelia is a close second.  I'm a little more than a third of the way through writing it and it's already such a deep world to explore.  So without further delay, here is this weeks snippet:

I jump to my feet, ignoring the sting of his hand sliding down my arm.  I’ve seen weird.  I’ve even seen freakish, but I’ve never seen something like him.  “Where’s the front door?”

His thick brows hit his hairline.  “Even if I could tell you that, you have nowhere to go.”

Strange answer.  My mind flits over how much he knows about me, partly because I don’t want to acknowledge the shiver that travels over my skin, but mostly because I can’t believe he doesn’t even know how to get out of his own pad.  I nod in his direction.  “Exactly how long have you been stalking me?”

His eyes come alive, yet he gives me a casual shrug.  “A while.”

I send him a disgusted frown.  If I did find a way to ditch this place, would he find me again?  “Don’t you know how creepy that is?”

A slow smile covers his mouth.  “Creepy isn’t the worst thing to be.”

His world must totally suck.

There you have it..have I enticed you, yet?  I'm really excited about this series and I will be doing a cover reveal pretty soon, so keep your eyes open.  Oh, and be sure to stop by the other posts for this hop.  I found quite a few books I'm interested in the last time I checked it out and I hope you do to.


  1. Very interesting. Doesn't know how to get out of his own house? Hmm. :-) great teaser

  2. Thanks, Krystal :) Yep Seth has a big problem that only Amelia can help him solve.

  3. Now I want to know who this guy is and what could be worse. Definitely a great teaser :)

  4. This was one of my favorite scenes to write so far, Andrea. And Seth has seen way worse than creepy, lol. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing this useful information! Hope that you will continue with the kind of book obsession