Sunday, February 24, 2013

#Indielicious Blog Hop--Teaser Alert!

Hello all you beautiful people!  It's time for another teaser from Dreamscape (Netherworld Book I).  I love this blog hop because I get to share a little of what I'm working on with you.  I went a little long with this one, but what the heck.  Seth shows us a little bit of his predatorial side. I hope you enjoy it :)

He pulls his bottom lip between his teeth and smiles.  His voice comes out as a low purr.  “You haven’t seen in me your face yet.”
My heart explodes from the smoldering look he’s shooting at me.  All I want to do is give in to him, yet I know I can’t.  His blatant flirting is getting so hard to resist, and I don’t know why.  He’s a total freak, and I know it.  Besides, I haven’t been here that long.  I should be able to hold my own for as long as it takes, but with each smile he gives me, I melt a little bit more.  Without a doubt I’m totally, irrevocably, pathetic.
I give him a face and say, “Let’s keep it that way, all right, Seth?”
“Sure, Amelia.”  His smile withers away, which makes me want to tell him a joke.  “Anything you want.”
I steel my resolve again and grit my teeth.  “In that case, let me go.”
His head shakes, but he tilts it back and smiles.  “Where would you go if I could let you out of here?”
I smirk at him.  “I’d find a place.”
“With Roberto?”
I nearly gag, partly because that’s just gross and partly because I hate that he knows about my friend.  “You’re sick.”
“Maybe, but I’m offering you more than you’ve ever had in your life.”
I glance at the wads of cash littering the floor and so does he.  “Yeah, everything except my freedom.”
“If there were any other way, I would—”  He shakes his head.  “No.  I’m not going to lie to you.  Every so often I am allowed one hour out of my prison.  I’ve learned to use that time wisely.  This time, I came for you.  I’ve been waiting years to have you here with me, and I will do everything in my power to keep you here for a very, very long time.”
I make a choking sound.  I can’t breathe for a second, but I recover before he can reach me.  “I don’t think I want to know the depths of sickdom you’ve sunken to.  Just let me out of here.”
“Amelia, I’m not going to tell you this again.  If you ask me to let you go one more time, I am afraid I might do something rash.  You don’t want that and neither do I, so please, just listen to me.  After I have finished, you may choose to believe what you will, but until then I ask you to stay silent, for both our sakes.”

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  1. Wow. He sounds like a control freak! I hope she kicks his ass or something! Great teaser!

  2. I agree with Krystal; he sounds like a complete control freak... though the picture gives it away a little (I think). Great teaser! Can't wait to read more!

  3. I want to know where he's keeping her! Great excerpt!

  4. Thanks, guys. Yeah, let's just say that Seth has some lessons to learn along the journey :)

  5. Very interesting. When does Dreamscape come out again? I will make sure to mark the month on my calendar. ;-)

  6. Well, Elle, I haven't pinned down a month just yet. I'm hoping June or July. It totally depends on the editing process, well and of course getting the rest written ;). Thanks so much! I'm really excited for this one :)

  7. Oh no, poor girl... he's an interesting character! Can't wait to read it all :)

  8. Lol, Andrea, I can't wait to finish writing it :) Thanks for stopping by!