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Meet Your Favorite New Author--Nancy Straight Interview and Giveaway!

You've probably already seen me gush about Nancy Straight, but I'm going to do it again.  Nancy's books have hooked me, and I love her ability to make me believe in true love.  She writes men noble, which I find refreshing.  She's written the Destiny Series, which includes Meeting Destiny, Destiny's Revenge, and Destiny's Wrath.  The ideas set forth in the series are so unique and intriguing I was pulled in immediately.  Her second series, The Touched Series floored me.  I hadn't ever read a modern book about Centaurs and this series is also unique.  I was so invested in the first book, I read it while shopping.  I was at a critical point in the story and seriously yelled in the frozen section. Let's just say that Nancy is a fantastic story teller, and I love the unique spin she puts in her stories.  They are all five star reads and original to boot.

 Nancy also has a way with covers.  Aren't these lovely?

Now for a fun interview with Nancy!

1. When did you start writing?  Was there a specific event that triggered it?
It was the combination of two events.  Event one:  I used to work with a lawyer who I had a great deal of respect for.  We were working together one afternoon, he set a pile of papers on the table I had written, looked me square in the eye and said, “Mrs. Straight, you are one of the most compelling writers I’ve ever met.”  Keep in mind, what he was reading was work-related and a full ten on the boring scale.  His compliment was unexpected and flattering, I filed it away. 
The second event was when I finished reading Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight Series.  She was able to elicit nearly every major emotion I had experienced in my life, in just four books.  When I put Breaking Dawn down, I was wholeheartedly inspired and I began writing.
2. How do you get ideas for your books?
The Destiny Series was a story I had in my head screaming to get out.  It wasn’t based on any event in my life, but was something I felt compelled to write.  I wish I could explain it.  The Touched Series is a series I wanted to write.  I wanted a subject that was off-the-wall enough that it wouldn’t be compared to any other series.  Centaurs are a nearly non-existent theme in the Paranormal Romance / Mythological Romance genre so I think I hit my mark. 
3. Are your characters inspired by real people?
The characters’ personalities are absolutely based on real people.  Not the circumstances the characters find themselves in, but the personality traits – yes.  Most of my friends are incredibly strong, intelligent, successful women so the heroines in my stories are also very strong.  I like to think of them as a culmination of about five AMAZING women in my own life. 
4. Do you have something in common with Lauren or Camille?
Lauren and Camille are two kick-butt heroines, with very different personalities.  Lauren went toe-to-toe with a demon, was put through some horrific physical challenges, and her perseverance ultimately got her the happy ending she fought for. 
Camille is every bit as strong as Lauren, but her strength is in her unwavering force of will.  As her story unfolds, I think she’s a character we’ll all hope to see when we look in the mirror.
As far as things in common with Lauren or Camille?  I hope there is a little of me in each of them – but I don’t want to fight a demon to confirm it!
5. Do you have a favorite character among your books?  Who and why?  And do you have one that you don’t like?
A favorite?  I absolutely LOVE Daniel in the Touched Series.  He’s Camille’s best friend, is the voice of reason when she makes some questionable decisions and is as sarcastic as any friend I’ve ever had.  The part that I don’t like about him is he is in love with Camille and keeps popping back into the story trying to convince Camille to leave the Centaur life behind her.   Centaur Rivalry is the third book in the series, and he finally found a girlfriend!
6. What is your favorite book of all times?
I’m sure the right answer to this one should be one of the classics, but I used to HATE reading.  Yes, not dislike – HATE.  I’m convinced because I kept trying to read books that others told me were great literature, instead of stories that moved me.  Instead of one, I’m going to name a few and tell you why I love them.
Significance by Shelly Crane.  The story brought me to tears, made me laugh and at one point made my palms sweat.  There’s something about Shelly’s writing that made me want to pry my eyes open at 3 am when I knew I had to catch a nap because my alarm was going to go off at 5 am.
Inescapable by Amy Bartol.  The main character Evie totally ticked me off in the beginning, but hers was the first book where I developed a full blown love affair with a fictional character.  I dare you not to fall in love with Reed!  Midway through the first book, her heroine grew on me.  Four books later I’m begging Amy to finish her next book.  (Christie says: I'm right there with you, Nancy, although, I secretly hope Evie will end up with Brennus, or at least he will get a HEA)
Reckless Magic by Rachel Higginson.  This whole series was exceptional, I read all four books in eight days.  I laughed, cried, and when it was over I read it a second time just to make sure I didn’t miss anything my first time through.
Beg for Mercy by Shannon Dermott.  There are no words.  This is the only book I can remember reading where I read it at my son’s bus stop, at lunch, in the kitchen waiting for the stove to heat up for dinner, on the way to the movie theater with my husband.  I was obsessed. 
Five by Christie Rich.  I swear I’m not putting  your book on the list just because I’m on your blog.  I brag about your series ALL THE TIME.  I wish I could tell everyone what I wrote you when I finished the third book.  LOL!  I’ll just leave it that I am soooooo in love with Heath, my husband should be jealous.
7. What is your favorite paranormal creature?  Would you like to be one?
I have to say that I’m pretty partial to Centaurs now, but until recently I would have to say Vampires.  There’s something a little romantic, regardless of the story line, about combining immortality with desire and pleasure.  But, no, if there really are any vampires out there – I’m happy remaining a mortal human.  J
8. What are the biggest challenges and rewards of writing a book?
Shortly after I published my first book, Meeting Destiny, I joined goodreads.  I think I had sold maybe twenty-five books.  I was still very new to the site and I was surprised when a friend request came in from Charles Young.  This was followed by a message saying he had read Meeting Destiny and loved it.  Charles was my very first fan and I still message him regularly.  If any of you have ever sent a message like the one I received from Charles to a “Rookie” author, I can guarantee you will never comprehend the lifelong impact your simple act of kindness has made (or will make) in that author’s life!  When a story moves you, let the author know.  Since that day, I’ve met many readers who have gone out of their way to brighten my day – every single message has been an inspiration.
Biggest challenges?  I’m horrible at marketing.  Every bit of success I’ve achieved has been the result of readers who believed in my novels, and wanted to share them with their friends, not my ability to do any actual marketing.
Christie, thanks so much for having me today!

Loved having you here, Nancy.  You can stalk Nancy at the following locations:


Nancy was born in Sioux City Iowa, left the cold of the Midwest in 1991 and only returns to see family in the summer time. She spent ten years traveling the world as a US Marine and settled in rural SC with her husband and two children.

She enjoys reading all types of Paranormal and Young Adult literature.

Now For the Giveaway!
I'm offering you an ebook copy of any of Nancy's books!  That's right!  You get to choose which etailer and title you'd like.  Oh, and the first book in each of her series is free on all major etailers, so everyone is a winner, really!  Enter below, and be sure to say hi to Nancy!  She is seriously one of the sweetest people I've ever met.
Happy Reading Everyone.

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  1. Thanks so much for having me on your blog today Christie!!

  2. So honored to have you here, Nancy! Thanks for a great interview and for joining me!

  3. I loved the Blood Debt cover. Awesome!

  4. How can I just pick one..Love them all!! Thanks for sharing this with all of us!!

  5. Lol, I love them all, too. And even though some readers might not see it, the covers hold a significance to the book.

    Thanks for your comments, Marian and teena!

  6. I love that Twilight has inspired so many people to either start writing or go back to it. It gets a lot of bad flack, but I experienced every emotion reading it. One of my favourite love stories ever.
    Good luck to Nancy with her books. I've never read any romantic fiction featuring Centaurs (that I can recall) - Nancy is in a unique position.
    I think Destiny Series is my favourite cover.

  7. Me too, Emma, about Twilight. I loved it in 2008 and I love it now. It inspired my reading, which eventually inspired my writing, so I will be forever grateful for that. There was nothing out there like it at the time, and compared to the competition it had, I think it surpassed them all.

    Thanks for the comments, Emma, and for stopping by!

  8. Congratulations to Sheri! Expect an email from me soon :)