Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cover Love--The Thumbnail Challenge

It's been so hot where I live lately, I've brought you a few sizzlers today for my cover love challenge.  In keeping with exploring Amazon's new categories, I decided to go with Vampires today, and I wanted to keep it to the freebies like I did last week.  I have to say it was harder to pick this time.  Most of these have really great reviews, so I went ahead and picked a few that I didn't exactly love certain elements of the covers.

I was surprised this one was actually a vampire book. The cover is interesting with the play of shadow and light. It drew my attention immediately, even though I think the title should be a bolder type face.  When I clicked on the link, I realized the boy has blood dripping from his mouth.  Why does there always have to be blood? lol. I know, vampires.  It's a given, but does it really have to be on the cover?

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I love the colors in this one and both the author's name and title are easily readable, unlike some of these. It just goes to show how typography can make a huge difference in a cover.

 Amazon US

Here is one that is really cute, but the type face makes it difficult to read.  It all seems a bit out of focus, but I loved the fun atmosphere of this cover.

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The typeface on this one is horrible. I feel like I'm going cross eyed every time I look at it, but the book sounds good, so I'm including this one.
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I like the colors and the elements in this one, although the title is not readable in this size.  I was drawn to the cover and clicked the link.
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I've decided that vampire covers could use some work. I love vampire books but many of the covers I came across didn't do the genre justice.

Okay, so which of these babies gets a closeup?

I like the dark mood set by the colors and the image. The tag line is fun and overall, I really want to read this book now.

How about you?  Which is your favorite.  Have you read any of these books, and did you enjoy them?

Happy reading, everyone.


  1. Hell Hounds are for Suckers is really cute. I've read Bloodstorm: Heart of a Vampire and it was great. The follow up, Hungerstorm, is also cool.

  2. Good to know, Emma. I know, I loved the concept for Hell Hounds are for Suckers. It's really cute.

    Thanks for your comment!