Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cover Love--The Thumbnail Challenge

Hi Gang,

I'm veering away from the freebies because, frankly, I couldn't find any under today's category that had great covers. I found a couple that were $2.99 and under, but where Gods and Goddesses are concerned, there aren't a whole lot of covers that I found mesmerizing, using Amazon's search for Fairytales.

Who doesn't love a good fairytale? I'm sure there are some of you out there that don't, but I love a good, magical story. So which covers made the cut in this search?

Only two, I'm afraid.

I like the colors in this one and the feel of the cover tells me this is likely a romance. I'm not quite in love, though.

This one is rather cool. I like the elements of the cover, although the title should stand out more. The author's name is hidden amongst the tagline, which is pretty good. Can you read it in this size? "Sometimes, even the Gods can't change their fate."

I happen to know there are more books out there about Gods and Goddesses than what showed up in this search, so I tried something else. I searched for Teens Gods and Goddesses and the results were horrible. I did come up with these two.

What I was looking for was Everneath. It's been on my too read, and I'm trying to decide if I want to pay the trad prices for an ebook when I can get a hardcover for cheaper! How does that work? Anyhow, I came up empty, even though I'm pretty sure Hades would count as a God...god of the underworld, anyone? Let's just say I am getting frustrated with this challenge.

Now, that is a beautiful cover. Still, the author's name is minuscule.

I started out wanting to find amazing books with great covers through the genre system look up tools available. Today left me with a few books I might pick up, but I'm still unsure about all of them. Covers are very important to me, and I've been trying to figure out the components that make a great cover.

The Goddess Hunt is a Novella listed at $1.59. I might give that a try to see if I like the story and writing.

How about you, do you know of any great, swoonworthy, God and Goddesses books, because this week, I've come up nearly empty.

Better luck next time, I hope.

Happy Reading, Everyone :)

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