Sunday, March 31, 2013

#Indielicious Blog Hop--Dreamscape Teaser Alert!

Happy Sunday, everyone, and Happy Easter to all those who are celebrating today.  Since some of you seemed to like the show of heat last time, I've hopefully, picked a scene that will please you today.  Enjoy!

My chest heaves into his as he pins my hands to my sides.  He’s got me, totally got me.  I’m desperate to find a solution, but his lower body makes moving my legs impossible.

Our eyes connect.  His are the color of bluebells in springtime right now.  I take a deep breath and his spice intoxicates me.  I’m dizzy and breathless all at once.

He leans down near my ear, pressing our bodies even closer together.  “Get out of this one,” he says.

I buck to fling him off me, but it doesn’t even faze him.  I wriggle underneath him. and it does nothing more than make me ten times more aware of how perfectly he fits against me.  I’ve got to do something fast, or this will not end well.  My body screams at me to stay right where I am, but I can’t listen to my thundering hormones.

When he stretches his long legs along mine, I make my move.  I use his movement to twist my legs around his.  I’ve gained just enough momentum to roll him underneath me.

When I gaze down at him, gloating, I realize he’s let me pin him.  So much for training.

My tongue jets out to wet my lips, and I’m instantly mortified where I’ve let him take this.  My palms clam up and my neck breaks out in a cold sweat.  My heart thuds against my ribs from the look he’s giving me.  He hasn’t said a word and I’m already melting.

I make myself jump off him.  Before he can say anything to me, I head for the hallway throwing over my shoulder.  “Got to make a pit stop.  Be back in a few.”

His chuckle follows me out of the room.

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  1. Uh, that was hot! I definetly need to read Dreamscape.

  2. Wow, talk about some very hot sexual chemistry going here. Great place you stopped though because my laptop screen was started to steam up! Look forward to reading more...

    Elle C.

  3. Haha, Elle. Thanks. I loved writing that scenec:)

  4. Ummm...HOT! Uh, yeah..I need to read this book.

  5. Hehe, thanks, Rebecca. I hope you will enjoy it :)

  6. I really enjoyed that scene! It was hot and full of sexual tension. Hmm

  7. I'm so glad, Andrea! Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Wow. *fans self* hot scene but why did she have to stop? Grr

  9. Amelia's stubborn, Krystal. I gave a little grr when I wrote that scene, too, lol.