Sunday, March 17, 2013

#Indielicious Blog Hop--Teaser Alert!

Good Morning, My lovelies!

I have a fun scene from Dreamscape I hope you enjoy!  Here we go:

It is time I take Amelia out of her world.  Although she will not be in any danger, she will also not be able to affect anything in her current state; however, she might be enticed by the other worlds I can offer her.
I lift my gaze to hers, letting the moment excite me.  She will say yes and then I will have her.  “You know,” I say to draw out the suspense.  “I have just the thing to go with that.”
She laughs.  “You have just the…thing…to go with a gold cuff?  A woman’s gold cuff?”
“I am very resourceful,” I tell her then before she can say another word, I lift her in to my arms to carry her out of the water.  She yelps at my touch, but I will not put her down now.  She is mine and it is time for her to understand that.
She pushes against my chest, squirming slightly, but after only a moment her fingers curl against my skin and she inhales a sharp breath.  Her heartbeat rises to a fever pitch.  It is all I can do to keep my smile at bay.  “What do you think you are doing?” she says, indignant.
“Answering your question.”
She swallows hard, seeming to not know where to place her hands.  I still haven’t entered her mind even though I could gain a world of understanding if I did.  She doesn’t speak again until I place her gently on the rock where I found her.  She leans away from me almost immediately, but I ignore her posturing.
I stand, allowing the vision to come.  We are in a ballroom; she is pressed against me.  My hand rests against her bare back as I guide her along the dance floor.  The orchestra can barely be heard above the hum in the room.
Amelia blinks up at me, bewildered.  Her sensual green eyes take in the room in a single sweeping glance then find mine once again, suddenly full of fire.  “Where the hell are we, Seth?”
Her heart beat pulses spastically through her silk dress against my abdomen and her lips open as if on another question.  For a split second I’m tempted to dine on those lips, but I make myself answer her.  “You wanted to know what went with your gold cuff.  I am merely showing you.”

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  1. Wow! What a great teaser! Now I really can't wait to read this book!

  2. Ooooh, good one. Left me wanting more. I really like Seth, I enjoy a little cockiness!

  3. Okay, let me just say I loved the teaser! I can't wait to read this book! If it is half as good as your others, then I know it will be awesome!!!

  4. Thanks, You guys! I'm really enjoying this world and the characters. It just keeps getting better for me, so I hope the end product is as great as it feels for me :0D

  5. Great teaser and the book sounds like a book I will definitely be adding to my TBR list on Goodreads!

    Elle Chardou

  6. I soooo can't wait to read this book!

  7. Thanks, Elle, and M.r.! Glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Love it! I can't wait to read the book!

  9. Sounds like Seth likes to play! I think it's awesome how he can take her to different worlds.

  10. Yep, he really does, Krystal. Thanks for stopping by. This world is really awesome, even if I do say so myself, lol.

  11. Whoo! I just love the humor, that definitely draws me in big time.

  12. Thanks, Rebecca! I'm glad you liked it :)